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Dengeki Showcased New Characters for Atelier Firis

The latest issue Dengeki PlayStation revealed some new Characters for the upcoming game from Gust Corporation 'Atelier Firis'.

Final Fantasy XV Wildlife & I Will Be Songs

Final Fantasy XV Wildlife Are Shown in The New ‘Wonder of Nature’ Trailer!

Another 'Wonder of Nature' trailer has been shared by Square Enix. This time, the trailer highlights Final Fantasy XV wildlife with the BGM 'I Will Be'!

Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of The Forgotten Past Battle Tactics

Discover Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of The Forgotten Past Battle Tactics in This New Trailer!

Nintendo has shared another new trailer showing Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of The Forgotten Past battle tactics. Learn those to secure your victory!

Ace of attorney - spirit of justice feature

Capcom Announced The Release of Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice

Capcom is going to release Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice on 8th September 2016 for 3Ds. This is the sixth visual novel game of Ace Attorney s...

Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade - Y'shtola - Featured

Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade Gets a New Stage and 2nd Forms

Square Enix announced a new stage and a 2nd form for all of the playable characters in Dissidia Final Fantasy for Arcade in the recent livestream.

Persona 5 - Watching Sports with Ryuji

New Persona 5 Trailers Show Watching Sport with Ryuji & Makoto’s Introduction

Atlus has shared some new Persona 5 trailers. The first shows how the MC hangs out with Ryuji by watching sports. The second shows Makoto's highlight.

Akiba's Beat - Title

Akiba’s Beat New Trailer, First-print Bonuses Revealed

Akiba's Beat is getting a second trailer, announced by Acquire. First-print bonuses, which includes soundtrack CD and exclusive costumes, has been revealed.

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