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Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition

5 Reasons Why You Should Play Mobile RPG Now

We know already the greatness of console RPG with all of its quality. But what if you can find those game now on mobile devices as mobile RPG?

Final Fantasy XIV Online - Title

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Original Soundtrack Piano Solo Collection Sheet Music

After a while, Final Fantasy XIV finally reborn with the new title Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Within the game, are these beautiful melodies that you can...

Steins;Gate 0 Wallpaper

Top 7 Visual Novel Games You Can Get on Steam!

Steam is too kind to give us these wonderful visual novel games. For visual novel lovers, be prepared because these games might drive you into addiction!

Chrono Cross Logo

Chrono Cross Original Soundtrack Piano Sheet Music Book

The legendary Chrono Cross has revived in a form of piano sheet music book! All of the wonderful tunes from Yasunori Mitsuda can be found here, waiting to be pl...

Monster Hunter Stories Opening CGI

5 Must-Play Android RPG You Can Play Offline!

Android enters the fray! Now we can play a lot of great games in Android-based mobile devices, including these 5 must-play Android RPG!

4 Recommended Indonesian RPG on PlayStation 4

Indie games have finally reached next-gen consoles. And among them, are these 4 recommended Indonesian RPG you can play on PlayStation 4!

Battle Chasers Nightwar 5

7 Recommended Android RPG Worth to Play!

Between a lot of great games that Android has, are these 7 recommended Android RPG worth to play, especially if you call yourself a RPG lover.

Indie RPG & Visual Novel Games

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