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I Am Setsuna New Feature 'Temporal Battle Arena' Release Date Finally Announced!

I Am Setsuna New Feature ‘Temporal Battle Arena’ Release Date Finally Announced!

Another announcement for I Am Setsuna, and it's about the 'Temporal Battle Arena' feature, specifically the release date!

Fire Emblem Echoes Battle Trailer

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadow of Valentia Trailer Highlights Battle Unit

Nintendo revealed a new Fire Emblem Echoes trailer highlighting the game's battle unit. Check Fire Emblem Echoes battle trailer here!

Action RPG NiOh First Story DLC "Dragon of The North" Release Date Revealed!

Action RPG NiOh First Story DLC “Dragon of The North” Release Date Revealed!

The action RPG by Koei Tecmo finally gets the First Story DLC named "Dragon of The North", and here lies the DLC's release date!

SINoALICE - Key Visual

SINoALICE First Trailer Revealed With a Glimpse of Gameplay

Square Enix released a new gameplay trailer for SINoALICE, showing the first details of the game, such as the battle, story, and many more.

The Alliance Alive - Talent System

The Alliance Alive Footage Shows Off “Talent System”

A new footage of The Alliance Alive shared by FuRyu shows off the "Talent System" and how you can use it to your benefit.

Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross] - Title

Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross] Is Now Available

The latest update for Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ rebrands the game into a new title of the same franchise, namely Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross].

Pokemon Sun & Moon - Marshadow

New Mythical Pokemon Marshadow Revealed for Pokemon Sun & Moon!

GameFreak revealed a new Pokémon for one of its game, Pokémon Sun and Moon. The new Pokemon is named Marshadow. You can see his brief trailer here!

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