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Zootopia’s Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde Come to Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ!

Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ x Zootopia

One of the most anticipated event for both the Disney movie Zootopia and Kingdom Hearts fans has finally come to US! Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde come to Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ with Zootopia event. The event will feature new Raid Boss, medals, and avatar costumes for Zootopia characters.

The explanation below is mainly taken from the notice board of Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ,


Zootopia Raid Event & Avatar Accessories

Period: May 2,2016 12:00 AM – May 15,2016 11:59 PM (Pacific Time)

Zootopia Banner Event in Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ

Zootopia finally comes to Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ, but some powerful Heartless come along as well! Defeat the Queen Bee Raid Bosses to earn Event Coints and unlock exclusive (+super cuddly) snugglies for your avatar in the Event Board!

The accessories are unlocked for each gender separately (make sure to unlock the ones you want). You can unlock these Zootopia accessories:

  • Nick Wilde Snuggly
  • Judy Hopps Snuggly
  • Flash Snuggly
  • Finnick Snuggly

Zootopia Snuggly: Nick, Judy, Finnick, Flash

Note 1: The Event Coins are only dropped by the Queen Bee Raid Boss, NOT by the Queen Bee Omega Heartless that appear in the Event Quest.

Note 2: Every day for the duration of the event between 7:00 PM and 8:59 PM (Pacific Time), you’ll be able to get the following bonuses:

  • Appearance rate of Queen Bee and Queen Bee Omega is doubled!
  • AP cost for Queen Bee and Queen Bee Omega is halved!
  • Lux Rewards for defeating Queen Bee and Queen Bee Omega is doubled!


Zootopia Medals & Avatar Costumes

Period: May 2,2016 12:00 AM – May 15,2016 11:59 PM (Pacific Time)

Zootopia Avatar costume Judy and Nick in Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ

The special avatar boards is available to be unlocked during the campaign period. There are 2 avatar board: Nick Wilde’s Board (Male Gender) and Judy Hopps’ Board (Female Gender). You can get medals of them in their corresponding board. Each board can be unlocked for 3,000 Jewels.

Once purchased, the avatar boards will remain unlocked even after the campaign period ends. However, if you haven’t unlocked them before the campaign end time, they will no longer be available after the campaign period end. You won’t need Avatar Coins to unlock nodes on these boards (means, you just pay the jewels to unlock ALL nodes).

Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde come to Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ as medals

Judy Hopps is a 6* Speed Medal, while Nick Wilde is a 6* Power Medal. Both medals have ‘Raises Strength by 1 Tier for 1 Turn‘ ability. You can get them by unlocking it in their respective Avatar board.

Update: Another special Judy and Nick Medal is available to obtain in Going The Distance Event. Check it here.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ is already available for Android and iOS in US region now. Read all post related to Kingdom Hearts here.

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