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Zootopia’s Judy and Nick Returns to Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ as Judy & Nick Medal!

Kingdom hearts Unchained X Logo with Zootopia Event

Today’s new event in Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ give us THREE special events: One for the Epic Medals carnivals, one for high score events, and the last is the return of fans’ favorite Judy and Nick from Zootopia! They come back with a special new medal as Judy & Nick Medal (which surprisingly released for the US version first, while the JP version doesn’t have it yet).


Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ Meet Zootopia – Going The Distance Event

(Period: Jul 22,2016 7:00 – Aug 6,2016 6:59 UTC)

Judy & Nick Medal - Going The Distance Event in Kingdom Hearts Unchained X

This special event will give you a special Judy & Nick Medal (Magic Based)! The medal has a single target special attack with 3 Gauge Cost. The special attack for the medal is ‘Raises strength and defense by 1 tier for 1 turn‘. (Note: You can check the previous Judy and Nick Medal from first event here).

In the Going The Distance Event, there are 16 event quests with increasing difficulty. You can obtain this medal by completing the objective in each quest, from the very first quest! However, you need to complete the 15th quest if you want to unlock its Special Attack Bonus (Guilt).


High Score Challenge

(Period: Jul 22,2016 7:00 – Jul 29,2016 6:59 UTC)

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X High Score Challenge Event

The high score challenge comes back! In this new challenge, the prizes will be comprised of Attack Boost I, Attack Boost II, and the new skill Attack Boost II Max (AB II Max)! The AB II Max skill will have a 100% trigger rate when max leveled .

For maximizing your score, use these 3 tips:

  • Use medals with high Guilt
  • Plan you route carefuly by focusing on the enemies you can defeat
  • Equip Score Bonus Medals! (Note: Friend’s medal also contribute to the score)


Epic Medal Carnivals – SP Roxas, Axel, and Xion Make an Appearance!

(Period: Jul 22,2016 7:00 – Jul 29,2016 6:59 UTC)

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Epic Medal Carnivals Roxas Axel Xion

The Epic Medal Carnivals has a new set of powerful medals! SP Roxas, SP Xion, and SP Axel make their debut here as a SUPER RARE medal with 4 Special Attack Bonus (Tier-4 Guilt)! The Disney Princesses also make appearance here: Megara, Cinderella, and Jasmine; all with 3 Special Attack Bonus (Tier-3 Guilt).

This time, the deal will not only guarantee you at least 1 Epic Medal, but you’ll also get at least one of the Organization XIII Medals! Seems a good deal to get your favorite Org. XIII medal. Also, noted that the epic medals are available both in Small Deals and Daily Deals too.

Tip: SP Roxas medal is guaranteed for the 10th time you purchase the 10-medal deal if you didn’t pull him for 9 times consecutively.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ is already available for Android and iOS in US region now. Read all post related to Kingdom Hearts here.

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