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Zanki Zero: Last Beginning New Important Game Details Are Announced

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Zanki Zero, a survival RPG from Danganronpa team has shared some new details about the game. As you know that in Zanki Zero, your goal is to help mankind survive through eight remaining clones, but it won’t be an easy task as there are many ways they can die. Recently, Spike Chunsoft shared more details on its gameplay in this week’s issue of Dengeki PlayStation.

Here are some highlights from the magazine (via Siliconera):

  • It is probably impossible to clear the game by the end of a single lifespan (of 13 days).

  • 13 days passes in about two hours in real-life.

  • You’ll get a game over when all the characters die.

  • Characters will have a change in voice as they age, and that’s one of the parts Spike Chunsoft hopes that fans will enjoy.

Zanki Zero Screenshot

Your characters will get older. It makes the game more realistic

  • Characters will die if they eat a food they’re allergic to, but this will be useful when you want to start a character over from age 0.

  •  There’s a “Bowel Movement” status. If ignored, the character will have an “accident.”  If you let it get even worse, it’ll come with a negative “Offensive Odor” status that increases the stress levels of others nearby. If stamina runs out then the character’s vitality decreases and they ultimately die.

  • Other than the Toilets at base, you can use items such as an empty bottle to help with that.

  • A character’s item possessions will be scattered in the area when defeated by a monster.

  • There are commands to return back to the base at any time.

  • The battles are shown in FPS-style, and since the enemies also attack in real-time you can dodge by going left, right, or backwards. There are also long-ranged weapons.

Zanki Zero FPS Style

The view in the game will use FPS style. Pretty cool, huh?

  • You can link your attacks with allies by mashing on a button, and there’s a satisfying feeling that comes with that.

  • There are destructible parts in battle.

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning will release in Japan in Summer 2018 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The game will release in the West for PS4 and PC


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