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Zanki Zero: Last Beginning Characters’ Details Revealed

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning, a survival RPG from Spike Chunsoft released new details about their characters. Zanki Zero: Last Beginning, announced to be released in Japan for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita this Summer. Currently, the game has been confirmed for its western release in North America and Europe for PS4 and PC later on Spring 2019.

In Zanki Zero: Last Beginning, players will choose to control eight characters who represent one of the seven deadly sins. These are the details of the characters (via Siliconera):

Haruto Higurashi - Editor of "Sloth"

Haruto Higurashi the Editor of “Sloth” – A man of common sense and seriousness. He can be a bit too serious at times, making him inflexible. He wishes to protect others with his truthful articles.

Mamoru Ichiyo – Doctor of “Greed”

Mamoru Ichiyo the Doctor of “Greed” – A buff and muscular doctor. He’s intellectual, peaceful, and a gentleman. He’s also easy-going. His favorite saying is “love.”

Minamo Setouchi – Officer of “Pride”

Minamo Setouchi the Officer of “Pride” – A cheerful and lighthearted officer who is devoted to her family. She’s a straightforward person with a strong sense of justice. She can also be meddlesome at times.

Rinko Susukino – Florist of “Lust”

Rinko Susukino the Florist of “Lust” – A woman who works at a flower shop. She’s a kind and hard-working person, but can be a bit of a ditz at times. She’s also a bit of a cautious person.

Ryo Mikajime – Artist of “Envy”

Ryo Mikajime the Artist of “Envy” – A bright life of the party. He might look shallow, but he’s a good guy who is well-liked by those around him.

Yuma Mashiro – Madam (Ojou-sama) of “Gluttony”

Yuma Mashiro the Madam (Ojou-sama) of “Gluttony” – The only-daughter of a big company boss. Exceptionally rich. She often does things at her own pace and has a cold attitude to go with it, and can be an elusive woman.

Zen Kubota – Farmer of “Wrath”

Zen Kubota the Farmer of “Wrath” – A farmer who works deep in the mountains, and knows more about survival than the average person. Contrary to his cute face, he’s cynical and often makes fun of others.

Sachika Hirasaka – Girl of “Original Sin”

Sachika Hirasaka the Girl of “Original Sin” – An innocent young girl, full of curiosity, with a thirst for knowledge. Due to her innocent behavior, she appears younger than she really is.


And here’s the new detail of the key characters:

Sho Terashima

Sho Terashima – An assistant of the anime program “Extend TV” that will be used as a guide for the eight survivors. His role is the boke (funny man) for the program.


Mirai – The host of the anime program “Extend TV” that will be used as a guide for the eight survivors. Mirai’s role is the tsukkomi (straight man) for the program.


Zanki Zero: Last Beginning, will be coming to Japan for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita this upcoming Summer

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