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Ys Seven Steam Version Announced with Some Corrections!

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XSEED team reveals about the PC port of Ys Seven via Steam, as they previously released the game in PlayStation Portable. They announce the game’s port during a special Twitch stream of Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection, which also the game developed by them.

For you who already familiar with the game, rejoice! For the game will be brought to PC with the addition its corrections too. So, you may consider thanking and sending the company some gifts, if any.

As for you who are not familiar with the game, here is the details of the story (via wikipedia):

Adol and Dogi reach the Capital of Altago in an attempt to find more adventure. While exploring the town, they get into trouble trying to save two sisters who were being harassed by the local Dragon Knights, which is the army force of Altago. They are thrown into the cells but thanks to their reputation as adventurers, they get a request from the king to help him investigate some strange earthquakes going on lately, as his men have not been able to find anything. On their way, they find out the Five Dragons are awakening once again to prevent a great catastrophe, lending their power to Adol to help stop it.

In short, the game is again narrated about the adventure of Adol Christin and his partner Dogi, and they eventually crossed path with some people during their journey, leading to the unknown and exciting adventure.

As mentioned before, the game will run in 60Fps as well as visual corrections too. So, if you are curious, you can play the game and compare it on your own.

For the gameplay, the game will adapt several features used from the previous Ys games. Here are the details (via wikipedia):

Weapon types are used to determine whether damage is enhanced or minimized. Slashing weapons deal enhanced damage to soft enemies but fail against hard enemies. Striking weapons deal enhanced damage to hard and armored enemies but fail against soft enemies. Piercing weapons deal enhanced damage to flying enemies and other agile enemies but fail against armored enemies.

A party can have up to three characters in it with the player controlling one of them. The two other members are controlled by the AI while in combat and it is possible to set how they attack.

Hitting enemies with charged attacks fills a skill point meter that allows characters to perform skills. Skills are taught by using different weapons. Once a character uses a skill enough, he or she can use the skill with any weapon.

There is also an extra meter that when filled, allows the character the player controls to perform a super attack. Using skills is needed to fill the extra meter.

Players can also block attacks in order to reduce damage.

Ys Seven is currently playable in PlayStation Portable, and will be ported to PC sometime this summer.

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