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Ys: Memory of Celceta Announced for PC!

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Mateys! Another update from a game with several series will be brought to you!

XSEED announced the game entitled Ys: Memory of Celceta for PC version after previously made for the PlayStation Vita on 2013 as announced by the company’s Twitter.

Here is the game’s overview:

The game takes place one year after the events of Ys II and about a year before the story of Ys: The Oath in Felghana, set in the land of Celceta, also known as the Great Forest of Celceta. The story begins when the series’s protagonist, Adol Christin, arrives in the town of Casnan with amnesia, due to unknown reasons. Then, he meets an information dealer, Duren, who claims to have met him before. Not knowing about his true identity or objectives in Celceta, Duren provides him assistance in searching for his lost memories around Celceta and thus awakens the adventurer spirit within him. (via wikipedia)

Gameplay in Ys: Memories of Celceta is much like previous entries in the Ys series where players hack n slash their way through hordes of beasts. However, this entry in the series marks a new feature for the series which gives characters the ability to use special skills as well as an EXTRA move that hits with a high level of damage. Additionally, each party member has a weapon that is able to either inflict Slash, Strike or Pierce damage. Certain enemies are weak to specific weapon types so players must switch between characters to cause higher damage.

Here is the changes that will be brought to PC:

  • Improved visuals and HD resolutions
  • Unlocked framerates
  • Fully customizable control bindings
  • Mouse support
  • And more features (TBA)

Ys: Memory of Celceta will be developed for PC on this year after previously released on PlayStation Vita on 2013.

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