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Xanadu Next Official Website is Open Now

Xanadu Next Feature

With a lot of consideration, XSEED finally opened Xanadu Next official website! It is rather weird for a legendary game such as Xanadu Next for not having its own official website, because this is the very first RPG game that brings Dragon Slayer topic into it. In addition, this game is even considered as the Japan‘s first true home-grown action RPG experience. You can read more information or check out for screenshots about the game here.

Actually, this game is supposed to be released worldwide on Spring this year. Sadly, it is seems to be delayed seeing there is no new information on the release date even until now. But we’re pretty sure they are currently working on it because now they already made a progress by opening it’s official website. They just need more time, therefore, we just need to wait.

Xanadu Next Cover


Whenever mist hangs over the waters of Lake Orwell on Harlech Island, sailors catch sight of a phantom castle just out of reach. As they draw near, it fades into the fog like a mirage, leaving only questions for all who have borne witness to this “Castle Strangerock.”

An up-and-coming scholar named Charlotte L. Wells has had her interest piqued by this local legend and desperately wishes to study it in person—but of course, Harlech Island is no place for an unescorted young lady. To aid her in her investigation, therefore, she enlists the help of an old childhood friend and fallen knight who agrees to accompany her on this adventure.

Arriving in Harlech and catching sight of Castle Strangerock almost immediately, Char dives into researching the mystery head-on, leaving her companion to explore the surrounding environs on his own in search of any artifacts that might help trace the origins of this ephemeral stronghold.

Sadly, this almost immediately leads to his death at the hands of a mysterious swordsman seemingly displaced in time…but death is to be only the beginning of his adventure.


Xanadu Next ss1                                Xanadu Next ss2                                Xanadu Next ss3

Xanadu Next ss4                                Xanadu Next ss5                               Xanadu Next ss6

Xanadu Next ss7                                Xanadu Next ss8                                Xanadu Next ss9

Xanadu Next ss10                                Xanadu Next ss11                                Xanadu Next ss12

Xanadu Next is already available for PC in Japan and will be available worldwide in 2016.


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