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World of Final Fantasy Introduces The Mirage Board and Capturing Features

World of Final Fantasy Board System

As the new spin-off RPG of the Final Fantasy series from Square Enix, this game certainly has an unique feature. World of Final Fantasy introduces the Mirage Board and Mirage capturing system which make it a bit closer to a Pokémon-esque game. The official Japanese website has been updated with some new screenshots that introduce the Mirage Board feature, along with other information.

This is the new information so far (click the image to enlarge):


The Final Fantasy Legend Characters

Squall is an faithful person belong to an organization called “Seed” and carrying a gunblade as his weapon. He is always beat up because of his frequent training with Cloud and Lightning. Quistis is also belong to the same organization as an officer. She always seems busy and rumored to love card games.

Chocolatte is your typical item saleswoman in this game. She can pop up anywhere, anytime you never expect to sell helpful items in the world of Grymoire.


The World of Grymoire

In Grymoire, there are fields for every season. You start from the place you live, Nine Woodshill, and then travelling to other places such as Corneria and Saronia.


Befriending the Mirages

In the World of Final Fantasy, monsters are called as Mirages and can be befriended to assist you along the travel.

There are some specific requirements to capture each Mirages, such as using ‘specific items’. When the Mirage you want to capture has been glowing, you can “gemify” them to capture it (a bit similar to throwing a Pokéball to a Pokémon).


Mirage Board

World of Final Fantasy introduces the Mirage Board system

Each Mirage has a Mirage board to learn new skills, raising stats, or even transform them. You need skill points to unlock each box in the board. Skill points can be obtained by leveling up the Mirage.

WoFF - Mirage in Battle Reserve

Mirages that you bring and keep in the battle will still receive experience points. Also, when transforming, the Mirage will have all the previous abilities but exclusive ones. Hence, it is possible to de-transform the Mirage.


The Mirage Arena

WoFF - Mirage Arena

There is an arena to enable a network battle for Mirages. You can bring your Mirages and find others in the online battle.

Additionally, the official Japanese website has opened a new page as the glossary of the Mirages. Below are some of the Mirages, which take form of normal monsters and summons from the Final Fantasy series.

World of Final Fantasy will be released on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita for Japan on March 17, 2016.  No information so far for the western release.


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