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Wizard’s Symphony Will Be Released Soon This Year

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Arc System Works launched a press release announcing Wizard’s Symphony for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Wizard’s Symphony was presented yesterday during a livestream and actually teased a few days ago. However, many people think that the date for the reveal sounded suspicious. The press release sent today confirms that it’s not an April Fool joke.

To those who are not familiar with Wizard’s Symphony, the game is a “dramatic dungeon crawling RPG” belonging to the series started with the 1995 classic Wizard’s Harmony for Sega Saturn and the original PlayStation. After over 20 years, the franchise is back and will be featuring Moo for designing characters, who also worked on Wizard’s Harmony.

Wizards Symphony Image

Wizard’s Symphony will be released sometime this year

No release date for the game for now, only a general 2018. The price in Japan will be ¥6,800 plus taxes, and it’ll be strictly for one player. We will update ASAP whenever we get more updates. Wizard’s Symphony will be coming soon for PS4 and Nintendo Switch this year.

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