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Valkyria Revolution Details More Story and Character Information

Valkyria Revolution Details More Story and Character Information

This time around, SEGA release a new character with a trailer regarding Valkyria Revolution. Alongside that, Valkyria Revolution details more story and character information!

First of all, Valkyria Revolution gets new character, Maxim! He is one of the youngest generals in Rus Empire. After he’s being experimented on by Ragnite, he becomes a strong magic arts user. To get more details, you can check the new character trailer.

Furthermore, we finally get detailed background of the game’s story. It starts from ten years before the beginning of the main story. What’s more, we also learn new things about Circle of Five and Four Generals. Check those below in its respective section. And please keep in mind that we take the news from Japanese press-release, thus the name of the characters, places, and events may differ from the finished western version.

New Character Trailer

Background Story

The second prince of Ruzhien KingdomClaudius believe that people from long ago had received a blessing from the Valkyria in the form of Contract Ring. Knowing this, he desperately searched for more information of the legends. Thus, he eventually learnt the ring’s whereabouts. It happened to be somewhere inside a temple of Valkyria in Molda of Jutland Kingdom. Because Ruzhien and Jutland Kingdom were allies at the time, Claudius managed to get there without problem using inspection as his excuse. Hence, he found the ring inside the temple. After making his contract with Valkyria, his kingdom’s glory began to raise dramatically.

However, Claudius is without a doubt an evil man. He used violence to gain his objective. He burned an orphanage in Molda. Moreover, he kidnapped the person responsible for handling all the kids of the orphanage. Only five children survived the incident which will become the Circle of Five in the main story. They vowed to take revenge on Claudius and four officers who burned their home down.

A couple of years later, they planned an assassination plan for Claudius. Unfortunately, they miscalculated the Valkyria’s power. When Amleth was about to swing his sword to Claudius’s head, Valkyria appeared and blocked his attack with her gigantic scythe. Amleth realized he was unable to face her alone, so he aborted the plan.

Several years after the failed assassination attempt, there’s an economic embargo against Jutland Empire. People considered this as an act of betrayal from Ruzhien Empire. Then, when Jutland Empire’s situation was in chaos, Amleth led the country into a war in order to get in touch with Claudius. Princess of Jutland, Ophelia supported him as she joined as a part of Anti-Valkyria Unit, Vanargand with Amleth as the leader. Yet, she didn’t realize Amleth’s true intention.

Circle of Five

A group formed of five people which exists solely to take revenge on Ruzhien Empire’s second prince, Claudius and the Four Generals. You can get more information about this on our previous post here.

Suleiman Kahlenberg

  • A man who overcame his helplessness by acquiring power through politics.
  • Serious and steady, always retains his composed nature on all situations.
  • Adopted by Kahlenberg’s household, which is the house of representatives of Jutland.
  • Become his father’s, Estorot Kahlenberg’s successor because of his outstanding talent and ambition.
  • After the failed assassination attempt, he tried to gain more political power by engaging to Sophia who is a daughter of another house of representatives member named James Madcaine.
  • With the support of Madcaine, he gained prominence in political world exactly as the embargo started.

Basil Savanju

  • A man who overcame his helplessness through financial power.
  • Inherited the magical factory from the man who adopted him and increased its success with his knowledge in business world.
  • Has cheerful and mischievous personality yet very friendly.
  • Began to learn the arts of industrial engineering and management ten years after the Azure Revolution.
  • Took over the factory when he was only 18 years old, handled things up using many peculiar ways in order to achieve greater results.
  • After the failed assassination attempt, he shift his business towards the military industry.
  • Manage to gain trust of the army as the embargo started.

Fleat Eriksen

  • A man who overcame his helplessness through the power of propaganda.
  • Known as a leading columnist in the kingdom.
  • Very intelligent and soft spoken.
  • Able to manipulate people with his speeches and manage to lead them lean towards war.
  • Adopted by an university professor after the orphanage incident.
  • Joined a newspaper company, Guselshell when he was 18 years old.
  • After the failed assassination attempt, he left the company and started working as a freelance writer.
  • Right when embargo started, his own articles had become a social phenomenon.

Violet Sand

  • A woman who overcame her helplessness through the power of information.
  • Able to gain many confidential information using her womanly weapons.
  • Able to manipulate the situations by spreading lies, leading it towards war.
  • Adopted by a normal household, she behaved herself well and loved by everyone involved with her.
  • Entered the military academy to become a soldier when she was 15 years old.
  • Devised the plan to assassinate Claudius though it ended in failure.
  • After the failed assassination attempt, she used many faces and names to gain information for her companions until the beginning of the embargo.

Four Generals

Generals of the Ruzhien Empire, each of them owned a gigantic robot to rule over the country. They also responsible with the attack at the orphanage in Molda. For additional information, check our previous post here.

Gilouche Benckendorff  

  • Used to serve under Claudius’ brother, he followed the young crown prince faithfully.
  • Excels for bravery and is an admirable general.
  • Always speaks in a rigid way and acts according to military tradition.
  • The owner of the Guardian.

Victor Chimashef

  • A wise general who devised the strategy that led to the growth in power of the Emperor.
  • Fanatically faithful to Claudius.
  • Willing to sacrifice anything and everything for Crown Prince Claudius.
  • The owner of the Snake.

Gustav Mecklenburg

  • Very skilled in the operation of airships
  • Entrusted with the command of the Empire’s new navy.
  • Has a particular personality, making him difficult to fully understand.
  • The owner of the Whale.

Bardeyus Gridpenberg  

  • The youngest of the Four Generals
  • Assists Gilouche in commanding the army and has extraordinary social skills.
  • Given control of the southern theater, placing his base in the territory adjacent to the Jutland kingdom.
  • The owner of the Dragon.


Valkyria: Azure Revolution will be available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on January 19th in Japan while the western version renamed to Valkyria Revolution will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita between April and June next year in North America and Europe. Read more posts related to Valkyria series here.



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