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Valkyria Chronicles 4 Trailer Exposes Imperial Army!

Valkyria Chronicles 4 main pic treler

Mateys! Another update from a game upholding strategy-RPG that will be released soon!

Sega revealed a new trailer which contains several characters coming from their game entitled Valkyria Chronicles 4, mainly those who are listed in Imperial Army. Those characters will clash with our game’s main character squad (Squad E) and more will be revealed by the video. So, check it out!

The video shows Imperial Army named Clymaria Lewin, Berger, Nikola Gref, Kiara Rodino, and Klaus Voltz along with their ranks and character’s voices (although all of them is written in Japanese). Well, at least now you are familiar with the game’s main enemy, mateys!

Another trailer also is revealed by the game to give variation to the Squad E‘s member as well as another side of Federal. Check the trailer below!

This trailer shows young Angelica Farnaby, Captain Minerva Viktor, Squad E’s medic Karen Switchcoat, the dog Ragnarok, Claude’s tank driver Miles Aabek, and the others such as Dan Bentley and Ronald Albee. And for the finishing touch, we see Centurion, the snow cruiser.

Another intermezzo, the company’s official twitter doing some polls for the fans about the console that they use to play this game. The result is surprising: 46% for Nintendo Switch36% for PlayStation 418% for Xbox One. Okay, this is the result (taken from the company’s official twitter account):

Previously, the game released some videos featuring its main cast, in case you want to see your protagonists and heroine, mateys!

Valkyria Chronicles 4 will be available for PlayStation 4Xbox One, on March 21st and for Nintendo Switch on Summer 2018 in Japan. The game will also available in the west on 2018.

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