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Valkyria Chronicles 4: New Characters & Leveling System Detailed!

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Mateys! Another update for well-known strategy-RPG game will come to you!

Sega revealed several new characters, leveling system, and the gameplay debut for their game Valkyria Chronicles 4 which will be developed for PS4, Switch, and Xbox One. The updates are all available in screenshots (to make it detailed for you). So, do read along the passage below, mateys!

New Characters

The new characters that are revealed by the company are as follows:

Angelica Farnaby (Voiced by: Ayane Sakura)

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She is a civilian found by Squad E in a state of losing her memories. After being found, she is in charge of cooking, cleaning, and laundry. Her bright personality and kindness to take care of those around herself make her popular, and even she is called Angie by the soldiers. She is also a healing presence in the squad since she is able to cheer soldiers in the squad. Often going somewhere together with Clymaria, and has a mysterious relationship with the Witch of the Snowstorms.


Karen Stewart (Voiced by: Yuka Saito)

ValkyriaChronicles4 image2

She is Squad E‘s medic. She is good at taking care of men and tend to their needs since she grew up in a family of males. She is also graduated with magnificent marks at a medical college and decided to look for some cash for supporting her household. She rescues wounded soldiers by tending to their wounds, as well as healing them by smiling.



ValkyriaChronicles4 image3

The Squad E‘s mascot and medical dog. He is taken in by Claude, and has a brave and proud personality. Tending to the wounded soldiers in the heat of the battle since he can’t leave the wounded by themselves.

Minerva Victor (Voiced by: Saori Hayami)

ValkyriaChronicles4 image4

She is the Captain of Squad F but acts jointly with Squad E. A stoic, chivalric person, she is kind with her men and comrades. Claude is her rival since attending the same military academy.

Leveling System & Gameplay

In this section, the game will reveal you the leveling system and more gameplay.

First of all, the player will have to increase the fighting power of the platoon by using some facilities. Drill Grounds for example, is the core of the progression system.

ValkyriaChronicles4 image5

Proceeding into the next explanation, the levels will be gained if you use those drill grounds for each class. After leveling the characters and the class, you will get the skill Orders and New Potentials. These advantages can be used to evolve and advance the class.


Several classes evolution charts can be seen below:

  • Scouts into Scout Elite that is able to use a rifle-mounted grenade launcher.
  • Shocktroopers into Shocktrooper Elite that is able to use flamethrower to nullify the sandbags’ protection.
  • Sniper into Sniper Elite that can use the special rifles capable of firing three shots.
  • Lancer become Lancer Elite that is capable of using anti-personnel lance to a certain area.
  • Engineers to Engineer Elite to get several changes of the vehicle’s kit for recovering some energy.
  • Grenadiers into Grenadier Elite improving their basic abilities.

Claude has a special command called Order, which can be used during battles to raise soldiers’ specific abilities. The abilities will be acquired during leveling up or talking with certain people at the base. Experience points needed to acquire those things, though.

ValkyriaChronicles4 image7

Potentials, the abilities which are abilities possessed by each squad member. Some potentials are default, but they also can be acquired during leveling up. The potentials may be different, from the negative to positive.

When you want to check the squads’ potentials, you can visit Command Center. This way, you can observe the squads’ growth.

Joint Operation with Squad 7 is added as a bonus in the Japanese Collector’s Edition. During the mission, Squad E will be designated to capital of Gallia by order of Jean Townshend, the capital’s ambassador. Both squads ending up fighting side-by-side to execute the order.

Gameplay Debut

A trailer was revealed by the company to show the worldview of the game, the new class, and some information regarding the game’s development. To make it quick, watch the video below:

Well, those are the updates for now, and if you are curious about main characters, you can visit here and here to read the detail.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 will be available for PlayStation 4Xbox One, on March 21st and for Nintendo Switch on Summer 2018 in Japan. The game will also available in the west on 2018.


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