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Valkyria: Azure Revolution’s Battle Demo Ver 2.0 will be Available on October!

Through this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine, developers of Valkyria: Azure Revolution announced the update of the game and further information about Battle Demo Ver 2.0.

Valkyria: Azure Revolution Battle Demo Ver 2 - 1

In the issue, Famitsu magazine interviewed the developers about the game. Take a look at the details taken from the interview below:

The game’s development is currently going smoothly. The battle system will undergo big changes, but the concept of fight will still be more on the strategic side. For people who aren’t great at action games, don’t worry, because the gameplay can be stopped at anytime! The stopped-gameplay feature also affect the game’s difficulty. The developers are thinking about making enemy attacks more severe.

Players are encouraged to try out all kind of things in battle. There are also plans to have a demo of the game at Tokyo Game Show 2016 and those who try the demo will receive product codes.

Valkyria: Azure Revolution's Battle Demo Ver 2 - 2

Previously, people are told that the game will have its PS Vita version. To make players at ease, cross-save feature between the PS4 version and PS Vita’s version is supported. The first-print copies will include a prequel story, “Judgment Chapter“. In addition, they are currently planning to release Battle Demo Ver. 2.0 for download in October.

Valkyria: Azure Revolution will be available for PS4 and PS Vita on January 19 in Japan. Read more posts related to Valkyria Series here.

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