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Valkyria: Azure Revolution Gets Story and Gameplay Trailer!

Valkyria: Azure Revolution Trailer

SEGA shares more information regarding the newest Valkyria series. Now Valkyria: Azure Revolution gets story and gameplay trailer! Therefore, we can peek a little about how the story goes and how the gameplay is. We can’t understand much details just from the trailer, but it’s more than enough since we can get the picture of the game.

Story Trailer

This trailer focuses on the story of the game. It gives an overview about what happened on the world the player live in. Furthermore, it also shows a lot of characters which will appear in the game.

Gameplay Trailer

This trailer basically contains the gameplay which is already showed in the previous video. But, it is solely focused on how the gameplay will be. For your information, we already covered some of the combat system’s details before, you can try to look here and here.

Valkyria: Azure Revolution will be available for PS4 and PS Vita on January 19 in Japan. Read more posts related to Valkyria series here.


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