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Valkyria: Azure Revolution Gets More Screenshots Showing New Characters


SEGA teases more about Valkyria: Azure Revolution as it shows on weekly Famitsu. It tells that Valkyria: Azure Revolution gets more screenshots showing new characters. They also give us further information about the rest of the members of the Vanargand anti-Valkyria unit.

First of all, there are 4 different categories for the unit, which are:

  • Armored Troopers: Heavy armored troops which work as a defender for the unit. They carry a huge shield to protect them from almost every attacks. Due to their heavy armor, their movement is rather sluggish.
  • Shock Troopers: This troops are best among beginners. They are able to work as a defender as well as an attacker. Not to mention they are the best damage dealer among other units.
  • ScoutsScouts are the fastest among others so they often used as a battlefield reconnaissance. Furthermore, they are able to turn the tables if used correctly.
  • Engineers: They hold a very important role on the battlefield, which is a healer. They support their team with magical arts that can prevent their team from dying. Yet, they are not well-suited for battle against enemies because of their weak attack and defense.

They introduces 6 new characters that play as a part of the story, they are Jorda Kuvist, Godot Villefault, Tilda Geese, Daryl RommedahlIsaac Beargreen, and Sarah Benner. Jorda, Godot, and Tilda belong to the Armored Troopers while Daryl, Isaac, and Sarah belong to Shock Troopers, Scouts, and Engineers respectively.

Aside from them, there is Godot’s sister, Miranda Villevault. She used to be Ophelia‘s handmaiden at the castle. Godot himself worked as the chamberlain before becomes aide-de-camp in Vanargand.


Valkyria-Azure-Revolution-ss1                Valkyria-Azure-Revolution-ss2                Valkyria-Azure-Revolution-ss3                 Valkyria-Azure-Revolution-ss4

Valkyria-Azure-Revolution-ss5                Valkyria-Azure-Revolution-ss6                Valkyria-Azure-Revolution-ss7                 Valkyria-Azure-Revolution-ss8

Valkyria-Azure-Revolution-ss9                Valkyria-Azure-Revolution-ss10                Valkyria-Azure-Revolution-ss11                 Valkyria-Azure-Revolution-ss12

Valkyria-Azure-Revolution-ss13                Valkyria-Azure-Revolution-ss14                Valkyria-Azure-Revolution-ss15                 Valkyria-Azure-Revolution-ss16

Valkyria-Azure-Revolution-ss17                Valkyria-Azure-Revolution-ss18                Valkyria-Azure-Revolution-ss19

Valkyria: Azure Revolution will be available for PS4 and PS Vita on January 19 in Japan. Read more posts related to Valkyria series here.

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