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Utawarerumono Lost Flag Announced for Smartphone

Utawarerumono Lost Flag

Aquaplus announced a first Utawarerumono game for smartphones: Utawarerumono Lost Flag! There are more details about this game in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine in an interview with Aquaplus’ president, Naoya Shimokawa. [Thanks, Ryokutya2089.]

  • Suzuri (CV: Yu Ayase) – Works in cremation, wears a mourning dress.


  • The theme of the game is about things that its characters have lost.


  • The reason its subtitle is written in katakana is because its platform is different from the other titles.


  • (On the reason they went with smartphones) Naoya Shimokawa: “Because we want to have as many people possible play the game. There was also a lot of demand from fans.”


  • Leading into the development of future Utawarerumono console games, Shimokawa says he feels that smartphones are a good platform they can’t ignore.


  • In Utawarerumono: Lost Flag we’ll get to check out countries and regions we’ve yet to see. However, it is hinted that they may appear somewhat familiar with actual places in the real-world, but not exactly.


  • The protagonist Akuta is said to give a much different impression compared to past protagonists.


  • Minagi and Suzuri both have some kind of duty in the game, and their outfits might be a hint as to what they are.


  • Fans can look forward to seeing the appearance of many characters from the series.


  • The genre is RPG, and its gameplay is being made so that it can be played with ease while not tarnishing the Utawarerumono image.


  • Naoya Shimokawa: “There are other projects in the works other than Utawarerumono: Lost Flag. And of course there are console titles in there, so please look forward to it.”

Utawarerumono: Lost Flag is still in development for Android and iOS.

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