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Turn-Based RPG Iron Maiden Combines Metal and RPG Lover Together!

Iron Maiden: Legacy of The Beast Poster

Have you ever thought about a game (especially RPG) that featuring your favorite musicians or bands? It may be fun to imagine them featured in a game, and today a real metal band has made their debut in RPG gaming reality! The turn-based RPG Iron Maiden: Legacy of The Beast is a new smartphone game for both their fans and RPG fans alike, developed by Roadhouse Games studio (Warhammer 40.000: Carnage).

Eddie Classes in Iron Maiden: Legacy of The Beast

Eddie, Iron Maiden’s long-time mascot, has 5 classes to choose from in the game

In this game, you will play as their mascot: Eddie. His soul is taken and shattered into several pieces, and you will battle through enemies and collect again you shattered soul pieces. Take a look for the game’s description and features below:

Battle as Eddie across amazing worlds, inspired by Iron Maiden’s rich imagery and music. Fight legions of unrelenting enemies as you piece together the shattered remnants of Eddie’s soul, and ultimately save the universe

Turn-based RPG Iron Maiden has a team building strategy


  • Eddie comes in many shapes and forms. Each guise is a part of Iron Maiden’s rich history, with a wicked set of special powers and abilities. Fans will recognize Eddie from classic albums such as Powerslave, Killers, Somewhere in Time and The Number of the Beast.
  • Collect and Command: Along the journey Eddie will battle many infamous foes such as the Wickerman, Horus and the Axis General. If the battle is won, the souls of vanquished minions transform into valuable weapons and allies to take into your next battle.
  • Strategic Gameplay: Upgrade and evolve your team for the ultimate battle strategy. Over 40 different Talisman sets to pick and choose additional abilities for your characters!
  • 5 classes to choose from: Warrior, Magus, Sentinel, Gunner or Assassin.
  • Explore the furthest reaches of the Maiden universe brought to life in visually stunning, 3D environments.
  • The game features Iron Maiden tracks from throughout their entire career, including previously unreleased versions of classic tracks especially prepared for the game.

Collect and command feature in Iron Maiden: Legacy of The Beast

Iron Maiden: Legacy of The Beast has been available on iOS and Android. The game will approximately take about 800 MB space, with the recommended available space 1GB.


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