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Trails of Cold Steel II Official Website Revealed

XSEED launched the official website for their upcoming Falcom developed RPG The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II, coming to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita on September 6.




The Website contains some useful information about the Game, Including how to Pre-Order and what to expect from The Legend Of Heroes: Trails Of Cold Steel II.


Here’re some of their features we quoted from their website :




Like in Trails of Cold Steel, Trails of Cold Steel II features turn-based combat coupled with an Active Time Bar system. Displayed in the upper left-hand corner during battle, the “AT Bar” will show the turn order for both enemies and allies alike. Move anywhere on the field, disturb the turn order with arts that bolster or lower speed, use crafts to delay an enemy’s turn, and take advantage of the various status effects shown along the AT Bar that may help or hinder you in battle!



The various weapons wielded in battle by Class VII and its supporters have affinities for dealing certain types of damage–Slashing, Piercing, Thrusting, and Striking. Enemies may have a weakness to one particular type of damage, and having the right character deliver a physical attack raises the chance of that enemy becoming “unbalanced,” netting a free follow-up attack from their combat link partner.



Horseback riding was previously only limited to the Nord Highlands, but upon recruiting a certain individual, Rean can saddle up virtually any time on the field. Angelica’s orbal bike also allows for a faster means of transportation, and upon receipt can immediately be upgraded with a sidecar for passengers and some fancy new paint jobs. These looks are purely for fun and can be changed as many times as you like, so try out lots of colors and find what’s right for you!

You can read more about their new features here


The Legend Of Heroes: Trails Of Cold Steel II Will be Available for Playstation 3 and PS Vita on September 6.

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