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Trails of Cold Steel II Gets a Fixed Western Release Date + More Screenshots

XSEED,The Publisher for Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II finally announced Release date for their Western fans. The game itself will be available In North America and Europe On September 6th & 11th for Playstation 3 and PS Vita.


The Game Premist

Trails of Cold Steel II begins a month after the end of Trails of Cold Steel, with Rean having escaped with Valimar. He makes it to his hometown of Ymir where princess Alfin also escaped to, but she is kidnapped along with Rean’s sister Elise. The rest of class VII has scattered over the country and he goes around gathering them and other Thors students, and after being given the airship Courageous by Olivier, uses Valimar to help civilians and look for Alfin and Elise.

The coup turns out to have been a plot by the leader of the Noble Alliance, Duke Cayenne, a descendant of the false emperor who had been defeated by emperor Dreichels, ancestor to the current imperial family, to gain power, and the Witch of the Abyss Vita Clotilde, second Anguis of Ouroboros, had been cooperating with him to fulfil the Phantasmal Blaze plan by making the Blaze Holy Castle appear and have the two God Knights, Valimar and Ordine, duel there.

When Ordine loses, however, Cayenne awakens the crimson God Knight Testarossa and thus the End of Vermillion, a legendary holy-god once sealed by Dreichels himself. Rean and Crow cooperate to seal the End of Vermillion away again but Crow is killed in the process. At this point the Noble Alliance’s advisor Rufus reveals himself to have been working for Osborne all along, and Osborne reveals himself to be alive and also Rean’s father, before hijacking Ouroboros’ Phantasmal Blaze plan.

There is also an epilogue in which the player controls Lloyd and Rixia from Zero and Ao no Kiseki, who are now part of the Crossbell resistance fighting the Erebonian occupation of the city-state, and they are confronted Rean, who now works for Osbourne and is known as the Ashen Knight and a hero of the Erebonia who helped take Crossbell.

Here’re some screenshots of the characters that will appear in the game

And here is New gameplay Screenshots that we gather from Dualshockers

The Legend Of Heroes: Trails Of Cold Steel II Will be Available for Playstation 3 & PS Vita on September 6th In North America And September 11th In Europe.

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