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Traditional JRPG Guardians of Arcadia Announced for Xbox One and Steam Release!

Guardians of Arcadia

It’s been a month since FABULA EPICA did soul-searching mission, they unearthed past consumer surveys, conducted new research, re-read every game review, listened to lots of passionate pleas and opinions from gamers and re-played through many well known game of the genre. As the result a classic RPGs of the 1990’s entitled Guardians of Arcadia.


Be more curious with the rundown, via Steam.

A truly nostalgic JRPG experience, Guardians of Arcadia® tells the story of General Nero of Baikal, whose highly advanced weapons have been terrorizing kingdoms around the world. With their homeland destroyed, Hikaru, his sister Aki, and a group of unlikely characters embark to a journey to end the evil general’s campaign of terror.

As they find themselves drawn into General Nero’s increasingly sinister plot, Hikaru and Aki realise they have an opportunity not simply to face their destiny, but to shape it.

Guardians of Arcadia® harks back to classic RPGs of the 1990s, with chibi character design, random battles, a strategic turn-based combat system, and a fully 3D explorable world.


  • Experience full control in battle! Create flexible strategies by exploiting enemies’ weaknesses without time limits

  • A fully 3D explorable world! You have access to the entire world map, and unique vehicles in which to explore it. The sky is your limit!

  • Now barriers to entry! Explore the beautiful fantasy world of Arcadia with low hardware requirements and simple controls, just like the old days. Compatible with gamepads.

  • Multi-language support! Play Guardians of Arcadia® in English, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese at launch!

Guardians of Arcardia will deliver you a best nostalgic experience ever!


Last but not least, please enjoy the official trailer below.


Guardians of Arcadia will be available for Xbox One and PC via Steam on early 2018.

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