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Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity PC Release Date Officially Announced!

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Another game will get released on another port! Now from a famous company with their releases!

XSEED Games announced the official release date for their game entitled Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity on PC as well as releasing the game’s launch trailer. The game is announced to be released for PC on July 11th via Steam.

After watching the trailer, you will wonder how much this game cost and the place to buy it, right? Well, the company priced this game for $14.99/€14.99/£12.99. You can buy this game on Steam, GOG, and The Humble Store. Take note that the new ported game support 4K resolution, as well as new difficulty named Bullet Hell, some advantages that the PC version had over its predecessor, PlayStation 4.

Here is the game’s overview (in case you forgot)

Infamous vampire Remilia Scarlet has grown weary of her posh, centuries-long life spent with dutiful maid Sakuya Izayoi at her side. So bored, in fact, that when the local newspaper runs a story about a massive monster spotted nearby, she decides she wants a piece of that action! Unfortunately, she returns home from her first foray to find her mansion heavily damaged, with no clues as to who the culprit might be. But this only serves to fan the flames of the vampiric maiden’s interest in what’s going on beyond the walls of her estate, leading her on a grand, chaotic quest for answers…and for revenge.

The enchanting world of the Touhou Project comes alive in this beautiful fan-made action RPG!

And now, here is the new features for PC:

  • Revised Difficulty Levels From the Console Version – Tweaked and adjusted, the game should now better suit any and all difficulty preferences, from the most casual action gamer to the most hardcore shmupaholic!
  • Fully-Featured Configuration Menu for PC Gamers – Includes the ability to remap and rebind keys and gamepad buttons, adjust technical specs and graphic levels, and more, allowing for a custom experience perfectly suited to your individual machine as well as your personal tastes.
  • 4K Resolution Support – For a truly immersive action gaming experience!
  • Brand New “Bullet Hell” Mode – Start the game in this mode to drastically increase the quantity and intensity of enemy projectiles. You are not prepared!
  • New Achievements and the Full Steamworks Package – Try to 100 percent the game… if you dare!

Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity is available for PlayStation 4 in North America and Europe. The game is announced to be released for PC on July 11th.

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