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Top 5 Free Otome Games for Smartphone You Will Love to Play

People nowadays can’t be separated from their smartphone and it can be understood because they provide many kinds of entertainment. If you’re a gamer like myself, then games will be the answer for your free time.

Luckily, there are various free otome games available to play on your smartphone. Most of them are freemium, although you still can enjoy them fully without paying a cent.

1. Mystic MessengerMystic Messenger Characters

A female-oriented game which oblige you to participate in “online chatting sessions” in order to progress. As a party organizer of RFA, an organization focused on hosting charity parties, you will be tasked on inviting potential guests while making relationships with another members.

2. Shadowtime

Shadowtime Logo

Shadowtime is an episodic VN which is still updated regularly as I write this article. The story mixes RPG and romance as its core. There are only two characters you can pursue, but the RPG aspect makes up for the lack of love interest. What I like about this game is you can change your character’s persona, a feature which lacks in most of free VNs for smartphones.

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3. Once Upon a Hallow’s Eve

Once Upon a Hallows Eve Gameplay

As a girl who is lost and hurt in a forest after a minor landslide, you find a huge mansion and decide to live there temporarily until you’re well enough to search your way home. You’re not alone: the owners, who are three brothers, also live there. Secrets and stories will reveal during your stay on the said mansion.

4. Love SpiceLove Spice Logo

To be honest, this VN makes me hungry everytime I play it because cooking is the main plot of Love Spice (Indonesian title: Bumbu Cinta). In this game, you start your new job as a chef in Bayleaf and while you have to deal with your old bully who also works there, your first crush and step brother are always there to comfort you. With nice art and animation, Love Spice is a must try for otome lovers.

5. If My Heart Had Wings

If My Heart Had Wings Characters

Set in Kazegaura, the story follows Aoi Minase who encounters a wheelchair-bound girl, Kotori Habane, and a beautiful white glider which pushes Aoi to revive the defunct Soaring Club. The game also have animation and alarm feature that can be used outside the gameplay.

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And that’s the list of top 5 free otome games available for smartphone. I’ve played most of them and considered Mystic Messenger as my favorite. Not only the unique chatroom sessions that makes it unique, but there’s also a route which focus in befriending a female character besides making romantic relationships with the male ones. Which one have you played and which is your favorite? Please share your thoughts below!

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