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Tokyo Clanpool Announces Battle System Details!

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Compile Heart and Dengeki crossover game Tokyo Clanpool shows us its detailed battle system. Since the game is announced and currently being developed, they intend to slowly get our attention (the players) to know more about the game through its battle system. Moreover, there is more about its battle system, which reveals us the unique turn-based system. So, how good and unique will it be? Below are the details for the game’s battle system (credit to its original website)

The turn-based system introduces Ether Point. From now on, it will be abbreviated with EP.

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If you use a certain character’s skill, the EP point will be reduced according to how much one skill costs. However, you can freely use skills if you have enough EP to spend (of course). It also recharges at the beginning of every turn, so you want to plan carefully about using the EP to unleash certain skills, or even unleash a powerful skill.

Next, the in-game battle will also introduce Chibi Character Combo. If you want to increase the damage towards the enemy, you may consider activating this feature.

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Then, the feature introduce Synchronizing Holy Exposure. This is done when you want to unleash hidden attack of your characters by synchronizing your character with a certain Gadgeteer which is installed. The effect may increase the entire party’s status, too.

Using the “Synchronized Holy Exposure” feature, you can synchronize with a Gadgeteer that you’ve installed to use special abilities that unleash hidden powers.

Moreover, powering up all status of the party allows you to strike the enemy’s weaknesses. Since the heroine has their own synchronization, the attributes and skills are vary, and you have to explore them by yourself. Of Course. Keep in mind that synchronization has to meet certain rates, and you have to build up the rate so the process will be successful. You can still do the synchronization if you have a low rate, but it will not be as effective as during its high rate, though. The choice is yours to make, mateys!

Tokyo Clanpool will be released in Japan on October 5th for PlayStation Vita.

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