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Time Travel RPG Destiny Connect Gets First Trailer and Screenshots!


Nippon Ichi Software published Destiny Connect first trailer and screenshots, as well as the game’s official website where you can read the prologue. In you forget the storyline you can read the long prolong below. As well as its first trailer plus some screenshots.


Destiny Connect is a time-travel and machines themed RPG. The story starts in 1999. Main character Sherry lives in the town of gears, Clockney, and goes to the new year festival, the “Soulman Festival” with her mother. However, as they enter 2000, time suddenly stops. Sherry and her friend Begleo decide to time-travel in order to prevent time from stopping on the first day of 2000. They can time-travel thanks to a big yellow robot called Isaac who’s accompanying them. Sherry found him inside her father’s study. One of the themes of Destiny Connect will be how bonds between people can even cross time.

We also have a prologue written by the main character, a curious young girl named Sherry (as translated by Siliconera).

January 1, 2000.
On that day, Clockney was left behind by the flow of time.

I’m still just 10 years old, and I thought that the future was something that would come no matter what.
This is the story of us bringing back time to our streets – a story of reconnecting the past and future.

My name is Sherry Oldays, and I’m 10. I’m just a regular girl who likes cute things and loves to go on adventures.

Today is December 31, 1999. The whole town is excited for the Soulman Festival. I’ve made plans to go to the festival with my friend, Pegreo.

When I went to Café Blossom – a café opened by my grandmother – on an errand, I heard an interesting story. It seems that “something strange” happened a while earlier in the streets. She told me not to go check it out, but… You can’t just tell me about something this interesting and then tell me not to go, you know?

When I got to where the thing had happened, I found a large hole. The grownups were saying that this was the result of an explosion, but was that really true?

I got closer, and then I heard a creepy motor sound behind me.
Looking back, I saw a big machine that looked like a TV moving around.

The machine was starting to walk towards us while making scary noises. Pegreo screamed and said we needed to run, but our legs wouldn’t move.
I thought we were done for, and closed my eyes, but then a sudden metallic sound rang out.

When I opened my eyes, a boy was standing with his back towards me. He was holding something that looked like a sword, and the machine was on the ground next to his feet, smoking. The boy looked a bit like a really cool child actor from movies in the past.

When I tried to say thanks, he treated me like I was stupid, and told me to go home quickly, and then he left.
What a jerk! He said that even though he’s a kid too. I feel bad for even thinking he was cool for even a bit!

It was irritating to follow what he said, but it was late so I went home.

Today was the day Papa was coming home after a long time away for work. But no matter how long we waited, Papa didn’t come back. Even all the yummy food we prepared for him had gone cold.

Perhaps because it felt lonely, Mama decided to say something to lighten the mood.

“Hey Sherry, why don’t we watch the fireworks?
It’s the dawn of a new year, so we shouldn’t be spending it in dour spirits like this.”

The biggest event of the Soulman Festival is the countdown fireworks. Everyone was looking into the night sky all excited.

The biggest firework shot up to mark the new year, and left sparkly colors of light trailing across the sky.

—But the fireworks didn’t disappear.

At the moment the countdown reached zero, both the fireworks and the townspeople stopped, like somebody pressed pause on a video.

The only people moving, who were confused by the situation, were just Mama and I.



Destiny Connect will be available for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan on February 28, 2019.. It’ll go for 7,776 yen. Development is currently at 70%.

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