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The Worlds End With You – Final Remix Announced for Nintendo Switch!

The Worlds End With You - Final Remix

Square Enix RPG enthusiast! Tetsuya Nomura fans! The Worlds End With You devotees! Gather up for the The Worlds End With You – Final Remix announcement.

Yes you heard it right. Square Enix are planing for the re-release of Tetsuya Nomura produced, The Worlds End With You. Previously launched worldwide for Nintendo DS in April 2008. Ten years afterward, The Worlds End With You – Final Remix will shake your Nintendo Switch.

The announcement itself was shared during Nintendo Direct video (as linked). Moreover, it also revealed a “sizeable” new scenario is being added to the title.

The Nintendo Direct video above consists of The Worlds End With You news in minute 0:17 – 1:22 and other interested news as well, such as Super Mario Odyssey DLC and Dark Souls remaster.

In addition for the Switch version; players will be able to use touchscreen or traditional controls. While the original title implement the combination of both to manage the actions.

Storyline, via Square Enix

The World Ends With You is set in Tokyo and is imbued with the spirit of urban youth and the culture that surrounds fashion and music. It’s cast of characters are pulled into a parallel plane of existence and forced to take part in a game that will decide their fate. Gameplay was action-focused and spread across both screens, with players interacting through the touchscreen and pressing the physical buttons, called the Stride Cross Battle System.

During GameSpot’s The World Ends With You review, Randolph Ramsay gave it 9/10 score.

“Flawless presentation, gameplay depth, an engaging story, and innovation all add up to make The World Ends With You a worthy addition to the already-impressive pantheon of Square Enix works,” he said. “There’s very little to complain about in this package, which makes The World Ends With You a must-have for any DS owner needing an RPG fix.”

The Worlds End With You – Final Remix will be available for Nintendo Switch sometime on 2018.

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