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The New Trailer of Black Rose Valkyrie Introduces Characters and Story Setting

Black Rose Valkyrie Title Logo

Black Rose Valkyrie is a new millitary-themed RPG from the game developer Compile Heart. It was announced early this month, and now has received another update. In the official website, there is a new trailer of Black Rose Valkyrie which you can watch below.

This is the overview of the story from Weekly Famitsu No. 1418 (thanks via Gematsu):

1818. A huge meteorite fell to earth.

An unknown virus was discovered from the meteorite, which was given the nickname “Black Garnet.” In exchange for giving the infected enhanced intelligence and might above that of a human being, it eats into their minds and flesh, and before long turns them into an inhuman “Chimera.” This virus, [which broke out in 1929] and was named the “Chimera Virus,” caused a global pandemic and three percent of humanity’s total population was lost.

In this state of crisis, the country chose a plan of “national isolation,” and blocked the virus’ entry from the outside. The “Special Force Valkyrie” was formed within the Secret Military Agency ACID (Anti Chimera Intercept Division) organized to counter the pressing threat.

Asahi Shiramine” was chosen as the commanding officer of the newly established Special Force Valkyrie. On his way to the base, Asashi successfully pushed back a Chimera assault with the help of his group members that rushed to the scene, proving his usefulness to the force in his first battle. It was a heated victory for Asahi and company. However, a harsh fate awaits him ahead of his victory, one that Asahi and company would not yet have known at that time.

ACID - one of the keyword introduced in the new Black Rose Valkyrie trailer

From the official website, this is the explanation for the two keywords in this game (thanks via Siliconera):

Chimera Virus:

The “Chimera” are humans and animals that got their gene structures changed and turned into monsters due to the unknown virus called the “Chimera Virus.” 

Those infected by the Chimera Virus acquire transcended knowledge and power, but their mind and bodies also get eaten by the virus, and eventually transform into Chimera.

The Chimera assault humans and infect them with the virus through wounds. This is how they continuously give birth to new Chimeras. Those with a chance of becoming a Chimera after being infected are called the “Chimera Reserves.”


Valkyrie is the code name of the anti-Chimera weapon “T C S.” Since only those that were selected by the system can handle the weapon, they were also given the code name “Valkyrie.”

Normal people can’t handle the T C S weapon, as it’s simply just a lump of steel to them, but an authentication device and medication from the Valkyrie makes it possible for them to handle it as a weapon by enhancing their bodies.

However, the medicine has powerful side effects, so anyone not chosen by the system would have their mind and bodies destroyed, causing a dissociation or splitting of personality.

The trailer also introduces us to the the main hero and five heroines. Here is the detailed look for each of them (you can click the pictures to enlarge them):

Shiramine Asahi - protagonist of Black Rose Valkyrie

Asahi Shiramine is the main hero and the protagonist of this game. He is chosen as the commanding office of the newly established Special Force Valkyrie as explained in the game setting. He is serious in nature and also a hardworker. This personality trait make his companions gradually obtain trust from him.

Ai Yakumo is the ‘peacemaker’ of the group. She has a good care for her comrades. A little opposite to Luna Ichinomiya, who is the daughter of a conglomerate and has a high prestigious demeanor. Luna hardly takes any action that she thinks deviate from the common sense.

Hiragi Yue - heroine from Black Rose Valkyrie

Yue Hiragi is the serious type comrade in the force. She has a high sense of loyalty and can become really stubborn sometime. Among the group, she is probably the only person who has the purest quality of military attitude.

The Franson twin sisters are the last in the list. Amal Franson is what you call as ‘tomboyish’ girl. She insist herself as a man and always energetic everytime. Coo Franson is the opposite of her twin sister. She is shy and not good with men. However, she is excel in data analysis.

In addition to the settings and the trailer, the official website has also been updated with several world setting artwork. You can find some of them below (click to enlarge):

Artwork world setting of Black Rose Valkyrie - 4

Black Rose Valkyrie will be released for PlayStation 4. Currently, there is no other detail for the release confirmation outside Japan. Check out our previous report about the key gameplay feature.


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