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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV Explains Juna, Kurt, Altina, and Ash!

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Mateys! Now here is an update from a game with several series to follow.

Nihon Falcom recently shared some detailed information regarding the characters of their game entitled The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV -The End of Saga-. This section will explain about some characteristics of our main heroes of this series: Juna Crawford, Kurt Vander, Altina Orion, Musse Egret, and Ash Carbide.

Note that if you don’t wanna be spoiled, read this explanation at your own risk, mateys!

Juna Crawford (Voiced by: Nao Toyama)

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A cheerful and energetic girl from Crossbell and a leader of the New Class VII. She ended up transferring to Thor’s Second Branch School despite her dream to be a police officer (as she is an admirer of Special Support Section). She doesn’t trust Empire that much, but her friends in New Class VII made her rethink her own reason: to find a way to a future in which her hometown and the Empire can work hand-in-hand. Since there is an anomaly which spreads across the Empire (Curse of the Great Twilight), her aim has changed.

Kurt Vander (Voiced by: Takuya Eguchi)

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He is the second son of the Empire’s military family, the Vanders, which is also a genius in the swordsmanship. He is a serious and a handsome man who originally plans to enter Thors Military Academy School, but it changes because of his family matters, and he enrolls the Second Branch School. He didn’t acknowledge Rean‘s swordsmanship at first, but after taking him on with a serious situation, he is matured and more honest at heart. When the curse spread across the Empire, he finds himself in an unfamiliar village.

Altina Orion (Voiced by: Inori Minase)

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She is taciturn and lack of emotions, and uses a combat shell called Claiomh Solais. She is a part of the Empire’s Intelligence Agency under the codename Black Rabbit. When Rean took the position as the instructor, she enrolls the same class as him and deepens her bond with him, which resulted in the change of her emotional state. She went as far as putting her life for her friends, but resulted in her dearest person’s death. She fell into despair witnessing this event.

Musse Egret (Voiced by: Ami Koshimizu)

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A girl which was born from the noble Empire family Egret and she is a tidy, neat, and captivating behavior. She was once enrolled at St. Astraia Girls’ School, but afterwards she moves into the Second Branch School. As she shows her mysteriousness, her true identity is Mildine Juzalith de Cayenne, niece of Duke Cayene who started a civil war in the Empire. In order to stand against the Osborne Camp, she has to create a noble alliance called the Weissland Army. After that, she left the school with Aurelia Le Guin along with Vita Clotilde.

Ash Carbide (Voiced by: Tomoaki Maeno)

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He is a young delinquent who grew up in the slums and shows extraordinary talent in every field, and has a tendency to be fearsome and coarse. He is actually enrolled as a Class VIII, but he is transferred to a Class VII in order to find his own way after being influenced by Rean and his classmates. When the curse has spread, he is involved in a major incident which made him placed in a custody. Afterwards, he was rescued by the Weissland Army led by General Aurelia, and nobody knows his whereabouts.

Okay, those are quite a long explanation, and previously, the game stated its own story overview which can be checked here.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV -The End of Saga- is still on the development and will be launched in Japan with unknown release date, exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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