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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III Introduces Ouroboros!

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As we know, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III developed by Nihon Falcom always introduce its new characters to us. If you want to see characters that were introduced, you can click this and visit this. As for today’s post, other characters are introduced to us and reveals their ties with in-game organization that goes with the name  Ouroboros. These are the details of them:

Campanella “The Fool”

Campanella (Ouroboros)

Enforcer No. 0 once again dispatched to the Empire by the Grandmaster in response to the interruption of the Phantasmal Blaze Plan that Ouroboros was moving forward with.

He is mischievous and has a boyish figure, but his appearance is somehow unchanged from long ago and even his factual age is unknown.

In order to combat Giliath Osborne’s takeover of the Phantasmal Blaze Plan, he gets the cooperation of the Red Constellation Jaeger corps led by the Enforcer Shirley and the Thirteen Factories, and causes disturbances in various parts of the Empire.

And he will once more tell a certain long dormant member that the society has a “request”…


Mcburn “The Almighty Conflagration”

Mcburn (Ouroboros)

Enforcer No. 1 of the Ouroboros society, who has the nickname “Eternal Flame” due to his ability to freely manipulate fire.

Although admired as the “strongest” Enforcer in the society, he has a considerably moody personality.

He sometimes abandons his missions when he feels like doing so.

He fought fiercely in the Civil War, and since his duel against “Blademaster” Viscount Arseid, it seems that he his “going hungry” and is seeking a “being that surpasses (himself).”


Shirley Orlando “The Crimson War Phantom”

Shirley Orlando (Ouroboros)

Enforcer No. XVII of the Ouroboros secret society, and a natural combat enthusiast who finds pleasure in battle.

Two years ago, she raided the old Crossbell State as battalion commander of the nation’s strongest Jaeger corps, the Red Constellation. A fierce battle unfolded against the Crossbell Guardian Force and the Special Support Section that her older cousin Randolph belongs to.

After that, she was invited to the secret society by the new, third Anguis.

While serving as the captain of the old Red Constellation, she carries out various missions as an Enforcer.

Shirley, who successfully infiltrated the Empire at the request of the third Anguis in order to take back the stolen Phantasmal Blaze Plan, is excited about the premonition of a new war…


Aside from characters, we also have several keywords to enrich our knowledge to be familiar with the game. Here comes the details:



Ouroboros Emblem

A secret society that maneuvers all over the continent of Zemuria in order to carry out the mysterious Phantasmal Blaze Plan.

With the Grandmaster at its center, it is composed of upper echelons called the Anguis and a practical unit known as the Enforcers.

In order to recover the Phantasmal Blaze Plan stolen by the Blood and Iron Chancellor Giliath Osborne in the midst of the Civil War that occurred in the Erebonian Empire a year and a half ago, the members of the association will resume activity within the Empire.


Enforcer No. 0

The Enforcer society is made up of agents that act as the working unit of the Anguis’ plans.

Campanella, who was given the title of Enforcer No. 0, is different from the rest of the Enforcers.

By acting as the one who ascertains the Anguis’ plans, he is less likely to make moves in public and reports directly to the Grandmaster.

Based on this, we can understand that her treatment is different from the rest of the Enforcers.

Will The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III reveal anything about his special positon, his relationship with the Grandmaster, and so on? Please keep an eye on Campanella’s trends.


Divergent Laws

Words often spoken in the Trails series that refer to existence, power, and law, and outside the realm of common knowledge of the people in the continent of Zemuria.

The Divergent Laws have a deep connection to Mcburn’s ability to manipulate fire, and it is said that his demon sword “Angbar” was also forged by the Divergent Laws.

It is said that the power of the ogre within Rean is also “mixed” with Mcburn, which is seemingly connected to the Divergent Laws.

There is a demon sword called “Kernviter,” which acts as the opposite to Angbar, and although it was possessed by Enforcer No. II Loewe, it broke during the Liberl Disaster and now lays in his tomb.


The Combat Enthusiast

Shirley first appeared in The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Azure, pursuing strategies as the battalion commander of the Red Constellation such as raiding the mining village Mainz in order to create a diversion.

In order to anger Rixia Mao, whose true identity is the “Yin” assassin, she attacked and seriously injured Ilya Plattiere, who is a senior performer at her theatrical company. She did things like this on her own accord in order to satisfy her desire to find an opponent who will seriously try to kill her.

After that, her ability and disposition were bought as she was scouted to join Ouroboros as an Enforcer. It has been several years since then, and there may be scenes where she clashes with Rean and the new members of Class VII.

All explanations and descriptions goes to gematsu.com. If you want to go into detail of characters, you may visit its official site.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III will be released for PlayStation 4 in Japan on September 28th. Read more posts about The Legend of Heroes series here.

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