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The Latest FFXIV Live Letter Details Patch 3.3 and FFXIV x Yo-kai Watch Collaboration

final fantasy xiv patch 3.3 revenge of the horde

A major patch to the game will be made in every 3 months time. It has been 2 months since Final Fantasy XIV entered patch 3.2, which means patch 3.3 is coming next month. In the latest Letter from the Producer, Naoki Yoshida, the director and producer of Final Fantasy XIV shared the details of the upcoming patch 3.3 titled Revenge of the Horde.

The patch includes new main scenario quest, side story quests, new dungeons, new trials, new raids, new map for PVP, more plots for housing, raid finder, and also FFXIV x Yo-kai Watch collaboration. Below are the details of the patch, translated by Matt “Bayohne” Hilton of the FFXIV Community Team.


Main Scenario Quest

As expected, this patch will include a continuation of the main scenario quest. According to the shown screenshot, this upcoming patch will cover the final chapter of the Dragonsong War.

final fantasy xiv patch 3.3 main scenario

Main scenario in patch 3.3

Beast Tribe Quests

A new beast tribe quests will be made available, too. It involves Dragons and Moogles. The area for the new beast tribe quests are yet to be announced.

final fantasy xiv patch 3.3 beast tribe

Beast tribe quests in patch 3.3

Side Story Quests

Hildibrand is back again with another hilarious questline. In addition, a continuation for the Anima Weapon series will also be made available.

final fantasy xiv patch 3.3 hildibrand

Hildibrand questline in patch 3.3


New Dungeons

Two new dungeons will be added. One of them is Sohr Khai, which will be a part of the main scenario, and the other one is Hullbreaker Isle (Hard).

final fantasy xiv patch 3.3 new dungeons

New dungeons in patch 3.3

New Trials

New trials will also be included. The enemy to appear in the new trials are yet to be revealed but, there has been speculations that it could be a battle against Nidhogg, or maybe one of the other two of the Warring Triads since Sephirot, the fiend of the Warring Triad has made his appearance in the previous patch.

final fantasy xiv patch 3.3 new trials

New trials in patch 3.3

New 24-man Raid Dungeon

A continuation of the 24-man raid series for the Void Ark, The Weeping City of Mhach will be made available in the upcoming patch.

final fantasy xiv patch 3.3 the weeping city of mhach

The Weeping City of Mhach


A new kind of dungeon will debut in the this patch. This treasure hunt dungeon will be introduced as the Aquapolis, which will randomly appear when uncovering the dragonskin maps. Up to 8 players are able to enter Aquapolis together as players will be fighting against enemies. Though it may be hard, decent reward awaits in the final room.

final fantasy xiv patch 3.3 aquapolis


The Deep Dungeon – The Palace of the Dead

Another new type of content to be made available in patch 3.3 is The Deep Dungeon – The Palace of the Dead. This content, which was mentioned at PAX East earlier, can be entered up to 4 players, which means that it can also be done solo. However, keep in mind that this dungeon is designed for 4 players so, it would be more of a challenge if challenged solo.

The progression in this dungeon is independent, which means that player will start at level 1 when first entering the dungeon and will progress as the players explore the dungeon deeper. Remember that players will return to the last checkpoint if being defeated. The special glowing weapon used in the content can be taken out and used in other contents in the game.

This content will not be made available in patch 3.3, but 3.35. There will be a lot of bosses that awaits in multiple floors. Along with future updates, new floors and score ranking system will be added.

The Palace of the Dead (click to enlarge)


Field of Glory (shatter) will be introduced in the upcoming patch as a new map for Frontlines. The applied rules will be similar to those of Seal Rock.

Field of Glory (Shatter) (click to enlarge)


New housing additions and features will be added. As has been requested by the players since they are unable to get any more plots, a lot of additional plots will be added, and the prices of the land is yet to be released on the Lodestone.

Flower pots will also be made available for players to grow flowers, and new flowers, which can only be grown this way, will be added. The color of the flowers can be changed.

final fantasy xiv patch 3.3 housing

Housing update in patch 3.3

Raid Finder will be added. It is designed for player who are interested in raiding and looking for members to join, whether it is practice or clear or farm, or even more specific details such as practicing certain phases. Various requirements will be made available to set in order to join.

New crafters and gatherers gears will be added. According to the recent announcement at PAX East, it is confirmed that the new gears for crafters and gatherers are Ironworks gears.

Recommended Gear feature will also be added. It allows players to automatically equip suitable equipments in all slots with the highest item level. Note that the recommended gears will not be the ones with the best attributes, but with the highest item level. In some ways, this feature is similar to the Optimize feature that appeared in previous Final Fantasy titles.

final fantasy xiv patch 3.3 misc updates

More features to be added in patch 3.3


A special collaboration of Final Fantasy XIV and Yo-kai Watch is actually going to happen.

final fantasy xiv patch 3.3 yo-kai watch collaboration

Final Fantasy XIV x Yo-kai Watch collaboration


In this special collaboration, each of the available jobs in Final Fantasy XIV will get their special weapons that resemble the yo-kai. Check out the gallery below.

Yo-kai Watch themed weapons in FFXIV (click to enlarge)

Also, check out the designs and artworks of the weapons provided by Level-5.

Yo-kai Watch themed weapon designs and artworks (click to enlarge)

Minions, Mount, and Accessory

Not only weapons, the thirteen famous yo-kais will be joining the game as minions.

Yo-kais as minions in FFXIV (click to enlarge)

By collecting all thirteen yo-kai minions, player will be able to obtain the Whisper mount.

final fantasy xiv patch 3.3 yo-kai watch collaboration whisper mount

Whisper mount

Moreover, players will be able to obtain the equipable Yo-kai watch.

final fantasy xiv patch 3.3 yo-kai watch collaboration yo-kai watch accessory

In-game Yo-kai watch accessory

Final Fantasy XIV Online is available for PC and PlayStation 4.


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