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The Great Ace Attorney 2 Get Details on First Case!

Great Ace Attorney 2 - Features

After previous confirmation of the release date for The Great Ace Attorney 2, this time Capcom released new details for the game’s first case through the official website! In addition, you can also check out the newest trailer, alongside various new character profiles down below!


First Case Overview

Great Ace Attorney 2 - First CaseA British lady is killed! During a tense diplomatic relations between Japan and the British Empire, a foreign exchange student is found dead in an incident! A female student of Teito Yumei University, Haori Murasame, was arrested as a suspect.

As the diplomatic issue arises, no lawyers dared to stand for the case, except for one—Ryutaro Naruhodo!

Character Profiles


  • Ryutaro Naruhodo

Great Ace Attorney 2 - Ryutaro NaruhodoOne of the main character and the cousin of Ryunosuke Naruhodo. He is a student of law in a local university. He strives to defend his best friend in the trial with his special thought and resolution.

  • Haori Murasame

Great Ace Attorney 2 - Murasame HaoriA female student of Teito Yumei University, and a good friend of Susato Mikotoba. She was arrested on the beach that became incident scene. Haori is enrolled in the same class as British lady.

  • Natsume Soseki

Great Ace Attorney 2 - Natsume SosekiAfter studying abroad in the British Empire, he is currently working on serializing his novel “I Am A Cat.” He’s been getting attention as a promising new novelist who just returned home from Great Britain, and he ended up as a witness to the crime while gathering info. He’s familiar with Ryunosuke Naruhodo.

  • Hosonaga Satoru

Great Ace Attorney 2 - Hosonaga SatoruDetective of the Imperial Police who witnessed the incident while on duty by the seaside. He wears the same appearance from the time he witnessed the incident in order to give a perfect testimony. He’s a professional when it comes to disguises and undercover activity, and knows Ryunosuke Naruhodo as well.

The Great Ace Attorney 2: Ryunosuke Naruhodo’s Resolution will be released on August 3rd for 3DS in Japan. No release date has been announced yet. You can read previous trailer of the game here.


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