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The Golden Age Sci-fi RPG Morning Men Will be Released Soon

Morning Men Character Artwork

Morning Men is an epic episodic story-driven Sci-fi RPG developed by Pixel Federation that will be released soon.

This award-winning RPG from the Reboot Develop Event uses turn-based combat system to complete the unique feels. The lead artist of the game set a strong visual style; a colorful moving comic and old style sci-fi-inspired character makes the packaging matches perfectly with the great story and complex branching narrative players will enjoy.

Here is the preview of Morning Men battle scene taken from Morning Men‘s official site.

Morning Men Battle Scene Preview

The developer aims the game to push the bounds of what is possible in a story-driven game.

“To maintain control of our own fate, we must yield our agency to minds exponentially more powerful than our own” is a word used by the developer to advice the player in making a best story for the game. Morning men is a game that will make players actually care for the decision they make because it will affect how the story told.

If you can’t wait any longer to see this epic RPG, visit Morning Men official website or watch the gameplay trailer here.

Morning Men Game Trailer #1

Morning Men Game Trailer #2

Written directly from morning men Steam Greenlight page, this is the story player will enjoy

The story begins with a young woman named Luditte, a citizen of Citadel City which is under the total theocratic rule of the Copper Hand. Life in The City is tough; the Hand controls everything, resources are scarce and advanced technology is outlawed. And yet, life in the city is still preferable to fighting for survival in the wastelands that surround the last refuge of humanity.

Luditte is forced to cast aside the protection of The City and flee when she is branded a heretic for associating with an AI named Jasper. Chased through the wild wastelands by agents of the Copper Hand, Luditte must uncover answers if she is to survive and perhaps even see a new day rise.

Morning Men will be released for PC in 22 November this year worldwide.


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