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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim New DLC “Survival Mode” Announced with Details!

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Mateys! Newest update for the well-known game, enough to make you forget all your surroundings! Well, here goes.

Bethesda announced the new DLC for its game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim entitled Survival Mode to make the game even harder, for those who love the challenge. The game itself is known for lots of updates, mods, and even released in Nintendo Switch as well as made into VR. Due to its popularity, the game gives us another challenge to beat the Survival Mode. Will it be easy, or difficult? Here are the details.

Survival Mode, as the name suggests, refers to the survival itself where you have to look for the character’s stamina, HP, skill, ability, in order to challenge several enemies. Note that in this mode, we have to focus on the character’s warmth, fatigue, hunger, disease, afflictions, without fast travel and health regen. Now it is time to explain each of the focus.



Hunger will impact the character stamina as well as the ability to wield weapons. Cooking food the right way will grant more health than uncooked food since uncooked food can cause disease and food poisoning.


Fatigue will be shown if the character does not sleep. Moreover, fatigue will decrease the magicka and decrease the effectiveness of potions and stamina regen. It is not recommended to sleep outside since the restoration won’t be that effective. So you have to consider the place to rest in order to cure the fatigue.


The cold will decrease the health and movement speed as well as the ability to pick both locks and pockets. The character will die if you stay out in the cold too long. For the countermeasure, it is recommended to stay in the warm place with fires, hot soup, or warmer locations. Warmth can also be provided by certain armor and clothing.

Freezing Water

Freezing water will deal lots damage to the character’s health, and taking too long will kill the character. Flame Cloak or the Dunmer Ancestor’s wrath ability can be worn to be immune to the frigid water for a time.

Fast Travel

Since there will be no fast travel, walking all around the place will be a routine. But hey, the character still can ride horses to go everywhere. So, it is recommended to pack all the items and equips etc. before leaving a certain place. The character can also use carriages or boats but the other effects of the game, including cold, hunger, and fatigue, will still apply.

Health Regeneration

There will be no health regeneration, and the health is gained through food, potions, restoration spells.

Leveling Up

To level up, the character must sleep in a bed.

Carry Weight

To carry a weight, there will be several limitations. The Character cannot carry all the things at once.


Disease may develop overtime and as the game progresses, and it comes from different sources (food, animals, fatigue, etc.) so the player has to monitor the character.


Staying unhealthy for too long can result in additional afflictions that can impact the character strength, spellcasting, as agility skills.


Shrines now require gold offerings in order to cure diseases, but it can be crafted for free one in the character house.

Perks and Standing Stones

The Extra Pocket perk and Steed Stone are half as effective as before, granting only 50 extra carry weight.

Vampires and Werewolves

If running out of food and happen to be one of these bloodthirsty creatures. you can opt for flesh. However, the character will become very cold and slower as a result.


Okay, those are the details for the new DLC. Quite…. long and challenging, huh?

Well luckily, the DLC will be free. So, quickly grab it and see what happens (whether you will success in conquering the quests or not).

As mentioned before, the game will be launched in Switch and PlayStation VR too.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is available for PCXbox 360Xbox OnePlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. The game also will be released in Nintendo Switch this 2017. The game also is expected to be released for Playstation VR on November 17th and for HTC Vive later on 2018.

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