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Terra Wars: Launch Date and Trailer

Terra Wars

Video game developer Mistwalker‘s latest mobile game Terra Wars has been announced. The game, which was designed for Android and iOS, adapts to changes in terms of gameplay mechanics to better suit mobile players. Even so, casual gamers and hardcores alike undoubtedly will be able to enjoy this game into its full extent. Mistwalker has released the trailer for the upcoming game via their official YouTube channel, and you can watch it below:

As seen from minute 1:40 of the trailer, the gameplay is somewhat familiar to the renowned Clash Royale by Supercell where both players are put head-to-head in real-time multiplayer matches, deploying units on their sides of the field to attack the opposition. Additionally, the center piece–which is referred as the ‘King’ piece–can move freely closer to the front lines to summon units even closer to the enemy’s ‘King’ as well. Of course, this action risks our own ‘King’ to be vulnerable to long-range attacks. After one of the two ‘Kings’ has fallen, the match is regarded as finished.

You can check out their official website here.
Terra Wars x FFXV Pocket Edition

The juicier part is the game will be in collaboration with Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition. You can see in the trailer that characters like Chocobo, Cactuar, and even Moogle are going to be available as deployable units in the upcoming game.

Terra Wars will be released in July 1, 2019 for smartphones, and it is currently available for pre-registration.


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