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Strategy RPG Dynasty Warriors: Eiketsuden is Announced for Japan

Dynasty Warriors: Eiketsuden Battle Gameplay

In this week’s Famitsu issue, Koei Tecmo just announced the latest entry in their Dynasty Warriors franchise. The strategy RPG Dynastry Warriors: Eiketsuden will follow Zhao Lun as the main protagonist in a brand new story, set in a parallel world which was based on the world we have seen so far.

Strategy RPG Dynasty Warriors: Eiketsuden is announced through this week's Famitsu issue

The responsible Koei’s team for the game’s developer is the Omega Force team, which have developed several major Koei’s game such as Dynasty Warriors series, Dragon Quest Heroes series, and Attack on Titan. The key staffs include Akihiro Suzuki as the general producer and Atsushi Miyauchi as the producer.

Here are some of the information for the game so far (thanks via Hachima, Gematsu, and Siliconera).


Dynasty Warriors: Eiketsuden Characters

Dynasty Warriors: Eiketsuden Zhao Yun

Some of the main characters are as follow:

  • Zhao Yun (VA: Masaya Onosaka) – The protagonist. He shows remarkable activity and is awarded a special power from Li Xia.
  • Lei Bin (VA: Makoto Furukawa) – A scholarly young man who is Zhao Yun’s childhood friend.
  • Li Xia (VA: Minami Tsuda) – A mysterious girl sealed away within a shrine.

There are other military commanders confirmed to appear, which include Cao Cao, Xiahou Dun, Jia Xu, Sun Jian, Zhang Fei, Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Lu Bu, Diaochan, Dong Zhuo, and Yuan Shao.


Dynasty Warriors: Eiketsuden Gameplay Core

Dynasty Warriors: Eiketsuden Square Grid Map

At the basic, Dynasty Warriors: Eiketsuden will use strategy RPG gameplay style for the battle. It will use square-grid map and you will move your characters on it, engage with enemies or interact with objects.

Dynasty Warriors: Eiketsuden Movement Map

There is a special characteristic in the game, called “Resonance” which allows Zhao Yun or other generals to move their commanders continuously to wipe out a bunch enemies along the way. Since this is still a ‘Warriors‘ game, you can only control the commander unit, while non-commander units will appear in large group on the map.

Dynasty Warriors: Eiketsuden Musou Action Style

Beside the scenario battles, you can also engage in free battles to strengthen your armies. When engaging enemies in battle, the gameplay is switched to Musou-style action. This can be skipped if you want, though.


Interview Tidbits with the Producer Suzuki

Akihiro Suzuki - Koei Tecmo - Man behiind Dynasty Warriors

This is a summary of the key points regarding the game’s tidbits with the producer Suzuki:

  • Development began last year when Omega Force decided it wanted to take on a new genre.
  • Action games and strategy RPGs truly are two different things.
  • I had a different time trying to convince the company, but presented a desire to create a rich story with a deep setting.
  • Since it’s a strategy RPG, its necessary computations are reduced, and we can have more soldiers to make for a more powerful battle production.
  • It uses Romance of the Three Kingdoms as its base and adds fantasy elements.
  • In order to avoid the childhood friend love story, we’re introducing Lei Bin as Zhao Yun’s childhood friend.
  • Li Xia is a character who doesn’t know anything and came from another world, while Lei Bin is there to explain things and provide commentary.
  • Since this is a series with many popular woman characters, we had a difficult time with her design.
  • Since Zhao Yun is the protagonist, it will focus on Shu Han military commanders, and military commanders who have yet to appear will also make their debut.
  • Because it’s a Dynasty Warriors game, it would be nice if we could include Jin Dynasty military commanders, but putting everyone is difficult.
  • There will be special conversation events and friendship-becomings among the game’s appearing military commanders.
  • The system is an orthodox strategy RPG, there’s a world map you travel on, battles and free battles, and is assumingly turn-based.
  • Facing characters in certain directions and zone of control will be in the game.
  • Weapons will have a range of distance, actions use a cost system, and EX Attacks can also be aquired.
  • Characters will grow according to a skill system.
  • As Omega Force’s first strategy RPG, we’re taking on various challenges.
  • Development is 70% complete.

Dynasty Warriors: Eiketsuden will be released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita on Japan sometimes in 2016. Koei’s recent collaboration with Level-5 with the same base, Yo-Kai Watch: Romance of Three Kingdom, has been released in Japan last week.


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