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Star Ocean: Anamnesis Gets First Trailer and Screenshots

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As has been previously informed, Square Enix planned to officially reveal Star Ocean: Anamnesis on October 20, and today is the day. The company released its first trailer, and updated the game’s website with screenshots and information.

Here’s the story overview of the game taken from the official website, translated by Dualshockers.

The story is set in star date 539. The post-war process between the Galactic Federation and Kronos has been smoothly completed, and the galaxy is enjoying a period of peace.

Suddenly, tragedy hits the Federal exploration battleship GFSS-3214F engaged in deep space search. During a raid by three pirate ships, it suffered massive damage to the hull. Many of the crew reached the escape pods, and the captain attempted an emergency sub-space warp. Gravity caused a warp failure, and after being blinded by dazzling lights, his consciousness was swallowed by darkness.

He woke up in a distant part of the universe far away from Federal jurisdiction, close to a planet covered in wilderness. The first encounter is with a woman chased by dangerous organisms, who cornered used symbology to escape to the planet’s orbit. The ship is without energy, crippled, and the shield are down. The long route home begins….

The lady’s name is Ivrish, she has lost her memory, but she appears to possess symbology of Federal origin. She is strong willed, and often even harsh. The robot Koro is responsible for all the operations on the ship. He’s way too expressive for an AI. He feels deep gratitude for the captain for not abandoning the ship.

This free-to-play mobile game is defined as “high-end action RPG”. The game features an evolution of the signature battle system of the franchise with intuitive controls and a new system for performing actions. There will be a number of selections of battle skills and flashy deathblows in the game, and you can activate a chain of devastating “rush combo” by filling up the action gauge.

Check out the screenshots below. Please note that some of the pictures below are taken from Famitsu scans, so the quality aren’t as good as the other ones. Click on the respective images to enlarge.

Star Ocean: Anamnesis is expected to release for Android and iOS this year.


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