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Star Ocean: Anamnesis Gets More Details, Characters Revealed

Star Ocean: Anamnesis - Illustration

In the latest issue of Famitsu, Square Enix shared more information on the newly-revealed RPG Star Ocean: Anamnesis for iOS and Android.

First of all, the company revealed that the game will feature 4-player multiplayer. The gameplay itself involves swiping to move, and flicking to dodge.

Secondly, the magazine briefly introduced the game’s original characters. They are:

  • Ivlish (CV: Sumire Uesaka) – After a failed hyperspace warp, she loses her memories after arriving on the planet.
  • Coro (CV: Ryusei Nakao) – The AI robot that takes care of the warship’s operations. It is emotional and goes on a rampage at times.

The game will also feature some well-known characters from the Star Ocean series. Here are the characters.

  • Star Ocean 5: Fidel, Miki
  • Star Ocean 4: Reimi, Myuria, Shimada
  • Star Ocean 3: Cliff, Nel, Maria
  • Star Ocean 2: Rena
  • Star Ocean 1: Roddick

Additionally, the company also shared pictures of the game’s playable characters through its official Twitter account. Check them out below.

The character shown above is a 3D model of Nel from Star Ocean 3. The tweet also mentioned that the game will have a “real-time action battles in full 3D”, and “HD graphics”.

Next up is a 3D model of Maria also from Star Ocean 3. The tweet mentioned that you’ll be able to view the 3D models and the illustrations of each character on the status screen later in the game, and rotate them to get a better look.

This is Myuria from Star Ocean 4. The 2D character illustrations for Star Ocean: Anamnesis will be new drawings, the tweet mentioned.

There will also be early registration campaign for the game. The game will add a character from Valkyrie Profile after reaching 100,000 registrations, and will also bring Welch into the game after reaching 200,000 registrations.

Star Ocean: Anamnesis will be released for Android and iOS in the future.


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