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Square Enix Revealed More Details for Kingdom Hearts III

Square Enix Revealed More Details for Kingdom Hearts III

Did you see Rapunzel in the picture above? You should have seen her the moment you opened the news. If you have a question starting with ‘why’, then we have the answer. Square Enix just revealed some more information regarding Kingdom Hearts III alongside their newest trailers for the game. We’re gonna talk a little tidbit and more for the Gummi Ship.

Let’s start with the tidbit. It’s actually related with Rapunzel, thus pic above. Apparently Sora and the gang will be visiting Corona and talk about the princess’ beautiful hair. Please note that something like this can happen in the game.

Square Enix Revealed More Details for Kingdom Hearts III

Just look at her hair and be amazed by its durability!!

Moving on, we can also see the NPCs matches the source film. It’s not known if this will be yet another new world or not. If so, we can assume there will be one for Frozen (the series, remember Anna, Elsa, and the precious Olaf?) too. Or even better, one world that contains two movies, Rapunzel and Frozen, for they are said to be connected with each other.

That’s for the tidbit, now let’s talk a bit more about the Gummi Ship.

Previously we got a confirmation for the ship to make a come back, and today we got the details.

This time, however, it has been split into two phases. There’s an exploration phase, which was likened to being more open-world, and there’s a combat phase. Combat has been increased in scale, with more enemies than ever before.

Additionally we also got to know how far the game development until now. Apparently they have a big team to develop this game in Osaka, with 100 employees from Tokyo Studio got involved too.

Then they got split into early, middle, and late departments. These are related to the worlds. In early departments they develop the worlds that will be encountered at the start of the game, followed by middle departments with worlds that will be appeared—encountered—as the game progresses. Lastly the late department decided which worlds that could be encountered at the end of the game.

The director, Tetsuya Nomura, has given us more detail about the current progress. The early department is almost complete. They’re at 90%, while middle department is at around 60% completion, and unknown for the late. The director did not reveal anything more than that, for he has said, “It is bound to surprise everyone.”

So, i guess the director himself want to surprise the fans? Well, let’s just wait until the it is ready for release.

Kingdom Hearts III is scheduled to release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime this year.

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