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Square Enix Announced Idol Fantasy for Smartphone

Idol Fantasy

Finally Square Enix officially announced its “excitement magic-casting fantasy x idol training game” entitled Idol Fantasy. The game will come to smartphones both iOS and Android sometime on Summer this year in Japan.

Luckily, Square Enix did the announcement fast after the Idol Fantasy trademark registration. Since most fans relate the game with Final Fantasy series, some wild rumors overspread among us. In fact the game itself has more of an Uta no Prince-sama vibe with a variety of designs by different illustrators including Kirishima So, Teita, Jiro Suzuki, and memo.

Square Enix trusted Tetsuya Nomura known for his work on the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts series, who designed characters of a rival idol unit as shown below. Gen Kobayashi who worked with Nomura on character designs for The World Ends with You will also join as a character designer along with Yasuhisa Izumisawa who previously worked on the Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles series and more recently as the chibi-artist for World of Final Fantasy.

Idol Units

Brave Hearts



Sweets Monstar

Many other famous talents involved in popular anime, game, manga, and more are also team up to handle the character designs. Along with a luxurious voicing cast. Moreover, the music will come from artists who wrote popular J-pop music and video games.

More to that, Square Enix gave a lot of sweat working on the choreography, as they’ve hired numerous dancers to help with the dance formations. And lastly, Square Enix says we can expect to see all kinds of idol work scenes, including live shows, movies, TV program filming, and more.

Pre-registration Reward List

Interested? You can do a pre-registration now in the game’s official website using LINE, Twitter, or email. You’ll be rewarded depends on how many total pre-registration until the launch date.

  • 10,000 pre-registrations – Crystals x15 over the course of one summon
  • 20,000 pre-registrations – Crystals x30 over the course of two summons
  • 30,000 pre-registrations – Twitter Icon Present
  • 50,000 pre-registrations – Limited Item “Shoulder Ripuno” Present (Ripuno is a mascot character)
  • 100,000 pre-registrations – Crystals x100 for a total of 145 Crystals over the course of 10 summons

Idol Fantasy Trailer

Idol Fantasy will be available in Japan for iOS and Android sometime on Summer 2018.

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