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Silver: A Classic WRPG, now is Re-released!

Silver Classic WRPG

Silver, a classic WRPG originally published by Infogrammers, is now re-released by THQ Nordic on Steam. Still wondering about the game? Don’t worry. You just have to read this quick overview.

Being a hero who has been chosen by fate, a young knight David sets on his journey to defeat Silver, the evil sorcerer. The treason and terror has been done and spread by him, abducting the village women as a holy sacrifice towards the almighty Apocalypse. Being a man whose wife has fallen to the evil sorcerer’s hands, David is the only one capable of bringing the end to all the madness. Accompanied by his comrade-in-arms, polished skills, almighty magic and the determination to embark on a very long journey, he must find 8 lost artefacts as a means to finish his quest. Be a hero and save the world from the madness!

The re-released game also comes with new features that are worth to be checked into:

  • Form the all-rounder party according to your liking (offensive defensive, support) as the game exploits the characters’ capabilities.
  • Simple, typical style of classic RPG that is refined and polished
  • Real-time combat, fast-paced action which will bring you a new challenge. One controlled character and computer-controlled characters.
  • Intuitive swordplay displayed by David. Feel the heat of the battle by swinging your mouse right and left. In other words, your mouse will become your medium to dive in to the game.

Silver has been re-released for PC and is available on Steam.

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