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Side-scrolling RPG Super Neptunia Details Battle System

Side-scrolling RPG Super Neptunia Details Battle System

Remember the super long name for Neptunia new game that was developed by a Canadian studio? If you forgot, then let me remind you about it. Brave Neptunia: Behold World and Space!! Ultimate RPG Declaration!! But, it become really short for the western release, Super Neptunia. From around nine words trimmed into two words. Amazing, no? Moreover, the game will also get a Switch port.

Next, let’s talk about the game systems, especially the battles. You might already see some gameplay from the screenshots, but not the details—except the fact Super Neptunia is a side-scrolling platform RPG. Just like other platforming games, you can jump in here.

Jump really high with the help of a… pudding? Aside from that, you can do a normal or double jump.

Moving on is the battles. While you can explore the map alone as Neptunia, the battle will done in party with the maximum of 4 members. I assume it doesn’t do the (kinda) hack-and-slash system like some side-scrolling and/or platform RPG, but the ‘encounter’, where the game will move you to a battle scene when encountering an enemy. The system that will make a seemingly harmless single monster into dangerous multiple monsters. But, attacking enemy weakness’ will give you a bonus AP.

Side-scrolling RPG Super Neptunia Details Battle SystemConfused? Me too. Don’t worry, though, we have the UI list:

  1. Formation – change formations with L1/R1
  2. HDD Gauge – Gauge needed to HDD
  3. Party AP – AP increases as time passes
  4. Break Attack Gauge – Increases as you attack enemies. Break Attacks are finishers that can be used by characters.
  5. Enemy AP

Wait, Super Neptunia has a Formation Battle System? Yes, it has formations for each actions-focused much like other tactical RPGs. They are Strike for physical attacks, Magic for (of course) magic attacks, Support for buffs and defense, and Heal formation for (again, of course) focusing on healing your party.

Super Neptunia is planned to release this Fall in both Europe and North America for PlayStation 4 and Switch. It will be available on September 27 in Japan as Brave Neptunia: Behold World and Space!! Ultimate RPG Declaration!! for PlayStation 4.

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