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Shining Resonance Refrain Gets 1-Hour Gameplay Footage; More Info Detailed!

Shining Resonance Re:frain

Today, Sega just shared a beautiful the upcoming remaster RPG Shining Resonance Re:frain gameplay footage. And you’ll be satisfied since the duration is about one hour of the Western localization in action. Furthermore, Sega also gave more information.

  • No Censor, No Cut, No Omit

Before we heading to the gameplay, be aware that Sega will not censor, cut, nor omit anything from the original game. This info surely a relief considering the one who responsible for the character design in Shining Resonance Re:frain is Tony Taka. You can expect a lot and a lot of lovely skin here.

  • Multi-Platform for Western Release

While the Japan release will only for PS4, the western release will include multi-platform such as PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and Steam. A demo is also being prepared by the team at the moment. On Nintendo Switch itself, Sega is working on optimization. The game will run at 1080p resolution in docked mode, but the frame rate is still on progress.

  • Language Adjustment

Moreover, the same cutscenes that have voice acting in Japanese will do too in English. Those that don’t have in Japanese, won’t in English as well. All songs will be kept in Japanese and won’t have an English version.

Gameplay Footage

We can see a lot of aspects of the game, including combat, exploration, the Shining Dragon in action, and quite a few cutscenes. We also have the game’s rundown.

Shining Resonance Re:frain will be available in Japan on March 29, 2018 for PlayStation 4 and will get the western localization for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC this Summer.

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