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Shining Resonance Announced for PlayStation 4!

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Mateys, here is information for you about a certain game that will be ported into a latest console!

Sega announced their game Shining Resonance will be ported into PlayStation 4 under the title Shining Resonance Refrain. Several changes and modes are added to make the game different (appearance-wise, though). Additionally, there is also an extra story that will be available in the remastered version.

The company announced that the game will get what if story which is called Refrain Mode. This mode reveals two characters (Excela and Jenius) that will join you from the beginning of your journey. You can also go on date with them during a special event called Night Events and Marga City. As for the character lines, there will be a new one for Yuma, Excela, and Jenius.

The company even adds several things to the game too:

  • Will include all over-150 DLCs from the original game
  • There are over 150 DLCs from the original game
  • New Costumes for characters
  • The last boss of the first chapter will be made easier to beat
  • Restart system, allows you to restart the battle if you lose
  • Rinna‘s AI improvement
  • Accomplishments and Quests rewards will be made easier to understand
  • Fromage‘s optional navigation (switch it on or off)
  • Additional text in the field (outside the battle)
  • 60fps and resizing the fixed resolution
  • The limited edition will have more content than Blade Arcus from Shining’s.
  • Series character designer Tony Taka wants to see the series’ comeback, and hopes to see Shining Resonance Refrain and its new features.
  • New theme song entitled Eternal Color of Aria sung by Kirika and Sonia with their Black Lotus Swimsuit and Crimson Lotus Swimsuit.


The price of the game will be 5990 yen plus tax, but for the Premium Fan Box edition will be sold for 9440 yen plus tax, which contains of a fan book, drama CD and theme song CD.

Shining Resonance Re:frain will be released in Japan on March 29, 2018 for PlayStation 4. The game is available for PlayStation 3 originally.

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