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Seikimatsu Days Will Be Released This Year!


Seikimatsu Days, a new game by Spike Chunsoft will be released this upcoming Summer in Japan. FYI, this roguelike game is handled by Mystery Dungeon team. So, at least you have the big description of the game in your mind.

Seikimatsu Days is set in Tokyo, and it’s a roguelike that will have you control up to four characters. It comes with randomly-generated dungeons that changes each time you play with roguelike game systems such as turns. Players will get to choose various options such as auto-save, controlled character numbers, order preference, movement speed, and other settings.Check out the game trailer here:

Seikimatsu Days launches in Japan in Summer 2018 for iOS and Android. There will be a beta test for Android-users for up to 5,000 participants starting April 19 and ends April 26

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