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Second Trailer and More Details on Caligula

caligula trailer screenshot

FuRyu and Aquria have revealed more and more details regarding Caligula, such as a second trailer,  Imaginary Chain battle system, over 500 unique characters, how students can become eroded and dangerous by μ’s music, Catharsis Effect ability, final box art, details on some of the protagonists and Ostinato Musicians.

Before continuing, make sure to read the general overview of this game by clicking here.

caligula box art

Caligula Box Art

Check out the second trailer of Caligula below.


Imaginary Chain

In this command-based battle system, the feature Imaginary Chain is introduced in the game. It is a system that allows player to foresee the selected commands by visualizing a “fantasy“. This “fantasy” will update each member’s action command, which makes it easier for players to perform chain combos.

The basic flow of the battle in Caligula is as follows:

  1. One of the party member launches the enemy into the air with Launch attribute. The enemy will surely launches into the air, and becomes vulnerable.

caligula launch enemy

  1. Using the second ally, attack while the enemy is still airborne by selecting an attack aimed to the launched target.

caligula attacking airborne enemy

  1. Command the third ally to perform a pursuit to the defenseless target. By doing so, the “fantasy” will be updated and players will be able to foresee that the enemy is knocked down.

caligula pursuing enemy

  1. Land a finishing blow to the enemy to end your combo. Make sure all of the attack commands are connected and forms a series of devastating combo.

caligula finishing blow

  1. Now that the combo is set, deactivate the Imaginary Chain and the combo will be performed.

caligula imaginary chain combo

Using Skills and Rewriting the Future

Connecting combos is not always possible in every situation. Changing starting character in the combo, selecting suitable skills will be helpful to connect the combo. By doing so, it is considered as “rewriting the future”, because the projected “fantasy” has changed from what is initially planned.

Below is a sample of such situation:

  1. The first ally lands a launch attack. However, in the projected vision, the enemy guards, and the launch fails.

caligula catharsis effect

  1. Since the enemy is not launched to the air, the protagonists attack that targets airborne enemy will not hit and will not be able to connect to the next sequence of the combo. Therefore, the combo needs to be changed.

caligula combo fail

  1. Instead of starting with a launch, the combo begins with the protagonist performs an attack with Guard Break attribute.

caligula guard break

  1. Now that the enemy’s defense has been penetrated, connect another set of combo to follow-up.

caligulia combo after guard break

  1. The enemy is now defeated with an improvised new set of combo. How the tide has turned.

caligula enemy defeated


Social Interactions

As have been mentioned before, there are more than 500 students in Mobius which are unique individually. Each of these students have their own name, profile, and also traumas that they had in the reality, but are forgotten in Mobius. Interacting with these students might give a clue to escape from Mobius.

It is possible to communicate with everyone in Mobius as players are allowed to spend time inside Mobius freely. Every time players interact with the students, they will give different responses that show that they are enjoying Mobius. As the relationship with the students grows, their profiles will gradually unveil.

caligula social interactions

Interacting with other students

Catharsis Effect

Catharsis Effect is a special ability which can only be performed by the members of the Going Home Club. It causes a certain part of their body to turn into black masses and then takes on the form of a weapon. The weapon that is manifested from the Catharsis Effect varies greatly depending on the person. It is said that the shape strongly represent the inside of the person against their will.

Though their weapons may differ from one to another, one thing that they have in common is that when they activated the Catharsis Effect, they suffer rupturing pain in their chest and grow flowers.

caligula catharsis effect

Catharsis Effect on Going Home Club members

Students Eroded by Song

Every students in Mobius has a parameter called “erosion rate” that shows how dependent they have become to Mobius and how far they have lost themselves. Erosion rate on the students increases when they listen to μ’s music in the dungeons ruled by the Ostinato Musicians. Once the erosion rate increased, the students turns into enemies, and a battle will ensue if discovered by them.

caligula erosion rate

The students’ erosion rate

μ’s music plays in the area and the affected student will challenge the player into the battle right away. The students that could have been had normal conversations with have been eroded by μ’s music and have turned into enemies.

caligula battling eroded students

Battling the eroded students



Shogo Satake

Shogo’s catharsis effect lets him wield a huge pistol, and broken cuffs on both hands. While he appears to be calm in his normal self, he is hysterical within the catharsis effect. Since his weapon is a pistol, mid-long range is his effective attack range.

caligula shogo satake

Mihue Shinohara

Mihue wields a hammer in her catharsis effect. Her mouth is covered with manifested armor. Mihue’s attacks are powerful and within short range.

caligula mihue shinohara

Kotarou Tomoe

Kotarou is practically the tank of the team in his catharsis effect as his weapon is a pair of gauntlet, and he can also make himself looks bigger. He is capable of various kinds of attacks that can turn the tide of the battle.

caligula kotarou tomoe

Kotono Kashiwaba

Kotono’s weapon in her catharsis effect is a bow and arrow. At first, it may appear as a beautiful pair of angel wings, but it can also be utilized as a sturdy cage. Kotono is a very reliable on support as well as attacking from a far distance.

caligula kotono kashiwaba

Izuru Minesawa

Izuru’s catharsis effect allows him to wield a one-handed sword in his left hand with the left side of his face covered with a half-mask. Izuru may be weak in defense, but his specialize in chain attacks that can cause a series of devastating chain attack is a considerable trade-off for his low defense.

caligula izuru minesawa

Naruko Morita

Compared to the other member of Going Home Club, Naruko’s weapon is quite unique. Her catharsis effect turns her possessions in her backpack into various weapons which makes her transformation is quite unlikely. Naruko has a tricky battle style since she can attack from any desired distance.



Aria is created at the same time as μ, and appears to be her counterpart since Aria is cheerful, bright, and friendly, while μ is immaculate and lovely. The reason why Aria becomes chibi is because μ is too strong within Mobius which caused Aria unable to maintain her original appearance. Aria aids the Going Home Club members on their mission to find a way back to the reality.

caligula aria



  • VA: Emi Nitta
  • Character Composer: OSTER Project

Sweet-P is a Mobius’ fashion leader who lives by the creed of “dreamy cuteness”. She has long eyelashes and beautiful big eyes. She also composes girly, pastel, and fairy-tale songs that girls like.

caligula sweet-p


  • VA: Eriko Nakamura
  • Character Composer: CyoucyoP

Mirei lives on her queen-like life in a Marine Resort in Mobius. Thanks to her excellence in musical talent and exaggerating beauty, Mirei is extremely popular that she sees μ, the absolute idol of Mobius, as a rival.

caligula mirei


  • VA: Soma Saito
  • Character Composer: Asa

Ike-P is a member of a musical band and goes to the same school as the protagonist, and also a classmate to Izuru. He always maintain his posed look with his genuine narcissist confident appearance. The voices of praise from his fans is what he seeks the most.

caligula ike-p

Shonen Doll

  • VA: Yumiri Hanamori
  • Character Composer: PolyphonicBranch

Shonen Doll lives inside a huge library within Mobius, and is completely isolated from the outside world. The hood of his outfit covers his eyes in order to hide his expressions. He sees people who are unable to do anything without a group of people as inferiority. He composes dark, gloomy, and violent music as if it attacks the listener. Even so, his music attracts lonely people and has wildly enthusiastic followers.

caligula shonen doll

Shadow Knife

  • VA: Yuuma Uchida
  • Character Composer: 164

Shadow Knife executes traitors within Mobius with his ability to manipulate shadows and knives. Because of his combat ability, he serves μ as an escort. Some people assume that his name, appearance, and even abilities are taken straight out of a popular anime in the reality several years ago.

caligula shadow knife


Caligula will be released on June 23 in Japan exclusively for PS Vita. Make sure to pre-order the game for 6,980 Yen as it includes a swimsuit costume product code, visual booklet, Caligula full album CD, and a special event participation ticket.


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