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SD Gundam : G Generation Genesis Get More Screenshots Showing More Gameplay

SD Gundam G Generation Genesis Featured Screenshot

Bandai Namco has released a tons of new screenshot for SD Gundam : G Generation Genesis.

The Screenshot shows a thing about crafting system which allows the player to create new mobile suits, or merge them to make a powerful one. There also a sub-flight system which extend of the mobile suits or move to unsuitable terrain.

Get Gauge” is also an epic part of this game. Guest mobile suits can fill up this gauge by killing enemies, and when it full, the model will be available for production.

Here is a tons of new screenshot from the game :

sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-2 sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-3 sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-4 sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-5 sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-6 sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-7 sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-8 sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-9 sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-10 sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-11 sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-12 sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-13 sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-14 sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-15 sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-16 sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-17 sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-18 sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-19 sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-20 sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-21 sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-22 sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-23 sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-24 sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-25 sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-26 sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-27 sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-28 sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-29 sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-30 sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-31 sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-32 sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-33 sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-34 sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-35 sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-36 sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-37 sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-38 sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-39 sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-40 sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-41 sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-42  sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-44 sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-1  sd-gundam-g-generation-genesis-screenshot-43

SD Gundam G Generation Genesis will be available for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in Japan, and an English subbed in Asia, On 22 November 2016.

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