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Sandbox RPG Hakoniwa Company Works Announced by Nippon Ichi, First Screenshots Revealed!

Sandbox RPG Hakoniwa Company Work Announced by Nippon Ichi, First Screenshots Revealed!

For those who love sandbox RPG or just love Minecraft in general, might love this new sandbox Minecraft-styled RPG developed by Nippon Ichi Software for Playstation 4.

The name’s Hakoniwa Company Works, and as mentioned above, it have Minecraft’s style, but with some elements of a strategy RPG. Why? Because it offers job classes for the characters! And just like strategy RPG, players need to know when to use the right classes. There are times players want characters that specialize in battle or excavating. The game also has various items: weapons used for battles, shovels and pickaxes for gathering, and many more. These items can be obtain by characters to match their skillset. Players can also obtain material blocks for crafting buildings and furnitures that can be used to power up characters based on the building’s type and their interior.

Just like other sandbox games, Hakoniwa Company Works have various of the usual sandbox games’ elements: terrain destruction, material gathering, building destruction, and crafting. But, this game have something that not all sandbox games, including Minecraft, have: character growth. It also has a Drawing feature that lets player to create things!

What about the story? An RPG always has a story, right?

Hakoniwa Company Works takes place in a world called Cloud’s End, a home to countless islands that float in the sky. Each of these island has its own culture, and the player will work as part of a Company that’s responsible for connecting these islands through various requests.

The protagonist of the game is Meme Kazamidori (CV: Shuka Saito), a bright and positive girl who once part of a famous company.

Nippon Ichi Software also revealed some screenshots on the game’s Amazon product page.


Hakoniwa Company Works will be available for Playstation 4 in Japan on July 13, 2017.

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