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SaGa Scarlet Grace Revealed Comparisons between Platforms!

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Another game developed by a famous company will be brought to you, now with some details regarding the looks of the game.

Square Enix recently shared the comparisons between some platforms for their game entitled SaGa Scarlet Grace along with the video explanation. After confirming that the game will be released on different platformsAndroid, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4, the company immediately compare the in-game designs, as you can see in this video:

As mentioned before, the company tries to compare the designs, visuals as well as the enhancement between the platforms along with the interviews. For starters, Kawazu, the company’s game designer said that the game will be as same as usual RPG, but it will be focused on the outside of dungeons. Then, here is the game’s comparison chart:

PS4 Switch Steam iOS Android
Resolution 1080p/PS4 Pro: 4K 1080p Docked / 720p Handheld Adjustable with options Varies by model Varies by model
Max Frame Rates 60fps 60fps 60fps 60fps 60fps
Textures High Resolution High Resolution High Resolution Standard Resolution Standard Resolution
Opening Movie Available Available Video File Included N/A N/A
Achievements Trophy Support N/A Available N/A Available
Controller Support DualShock 4, othersOptional Joy-Con/Pro Controller XInput,
Steam Controller
N/A Controller Support
Controller Vibration Optional Optional Optional N/A N/A
Controller Sound Effects Available N/A N/A N/A N/A


SaGa Scarlet Grace is available for PlayStation Vita in Japan and will be released for PlayStation 4Nintendo SwitchPCiOS, and Android on August 2, 2018.

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